God's word in today's world

Grace at the throne of grace

Carien (not her real name) wrote to me:

I used to say, life happens. We say we have to meet up with someone. But before you know it, it’s too late.

December, I went for a routine mammogram and they discovered a small calcification, which meant I had to go for a biopsy in December too.

The call came a week later. The news was semi-bad. It was a small cancer, but, she said, a good small cancer.

My operation was 15 January. The pathologist was satisfied with my glands. The surgeon came to see me and said he got it all, but that he had cut a little deeper and sent it away for tests.

The two weeks of waiting felt endless. Then I went to see him. Everything clean.

I’m grateful, I thank the Lord every day for this undeserved mercy.

Undeserved mercy. Yes, surely undeserved, put so beautifully in the King James Version: 16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Do you need a little mercy today? Go then to the throne of grace. You will find heaps of grace there.

Patricia (not her real name) also experienced grace personally:

I’m having radiation treatment. I have a small business and depends heavily on my clients to pay on time every month. As with any business, mine too has debit orders that are due on the first of every month.

On the morning of 1 February, I looked at the bank statement on my tablet and saw with a shock that no payments had been made. I put my hand on that statement and prayed: “Jesus, please take this bank statement; I cannot cope with radiation and the bank statement”.

Just before I had to go for the treatment, I noticed a missed call from the bank. I never heard to phone.

As I walked out of oncology, I switched on my cell phone again and knew the first call would have to be to the bank. But as I switched it on, my phone started ringing. It was the office. A quote we had done the previous year had been accepted and the client has paid the deposit immediately.

Needless to say, it was more than the amount that I needed. I started praying right there as the tears started flowing.

And the most amazing thing was that God had heard my one sentence prayer.

We serve a great, almighty and merciful God who always listens.

Maybe it’s time that you go to the throne of grace too …

Hebrews 4:12-16

Do you believe that God still hands out grace?
Where do you need grace?
When can you go to God?

Father, thank you for this promise. Thank you for the throne of grace. I need so much of it! Amen.

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