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Grace and favour

Every time I get to the beginning or end of one of Paul’s letters, I come face to face with the blessing that he loves to say over his readers: 3 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (NIV).

You and I need so much grace and peace, because it seems as if the world out there steals everything from us. Deep inside the peace and joy started disappearing and hurt took their place. There’s no plaster that can heal it.

Only God can heal that hurt.

We need God’s favour in our lives every day. Heaps and heaps of it.

Karin (not her real name) reiterates this again and again:

I was one of those people who said life happens. We said we had to go and visit the elderly, but before you know it, it’s too late.

I went for a routine mammogram in December. They found a small piece of hardened tissue and I had to get a biopsy.

They phoned a week later. The doctor said the news were half good, half bad. It was a small cancer, and according to her, a good one.

I had an operation in January. The pathologist was satisfied that my glands were clean and the surgeon agreed. He cut a little deeper and sent some away.

The two weeks of waiting were endless. But eventually the results came back: everything was good.

Every day I’m grateful for this undeserved grace.

I don’t think we realise how much we need God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to get through life. Life is filled with challenges. One curve ball after the other comes at us from different angles and we’re often too slow to avoid them.

Only God can help us on the road to recovery and all of that is grace alone. Something we do not deserve. Something we cannot buy. But we cannot do without it, nor can the people around us.

That’s why we have to pray this prayer for one another and keep on begging God to open the taps of grace over us. We must beg Him to send us his peace so that He can fill our lives completely and eradicate all conflict.

May the grace and favour of God and Jesus flow over you and may peace and joy fill your life every day.

Philemon 1:1-3

For whom do you have to pray this prayer?
When do you have to do it?
When last did you do it?

May the grace and favour of God and Jesus flow over you and may peace and joy fill your life every day. Amen.

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