God's word in today's world

God’s truth or not

Each of us has a personal responsibility to test whether the information we hear and see fits within God’s truth. So many people spread their own understanding of the Bible as the only correct way of understanding. What is the truth and who is missing the point?

The driver at the garage where I have my bakkie serviced drove me home. We had such a good chat. He told me that he had a calling to tell people about the Lord. He did it wherever he went, but, he said: “I’m afraid to say the wrong thing and, you know, we have to do it as true as possible. We can’t twist God’s Word. And I haven’t really got an education, you know. Don’t you have a book that can help me?” An ordinary guy with a passion, but who also realises that each of us has a responsibility to first understand God’s message before spreading it to others.

Sundays, in nearly every available place in our town, some kind of church is on the go. It’s probably convenient to have different places for different kinds of worship. But what bothers me is that we often focus more on our own needs than on unsaved people. Be that as it may, the fact is that it is every church goer’s responsibility to ensure that his or her pastor preaches the true Word of God.

Therefore, this advice to you and me: 8Watch out for people who try to dazzle you with big words and intellectual double-talk. They want to drag you off into endless arguments that never amount to anything. They spread their ideas through the empty traditions of human beings and the empty superstitions of spirit beings. But that’s not the way of Christ.

Some of the old guard in Colossae did not believe in the new faith about the Saviour. They clung to the old traditions and the beliefs of their ancestors, like circumcision. And it is not difficult to understand why. If the Holy Spirit had not yet taken hold of their hearts, they could only continue to cling to the familiar, that which they were used to believe in.

That’s why they kept holding onto the old faith, but the net effect was that they missed the bus. Sad!

Today it is also not so easy to know who is saying the right thing and who is saying the wrong. It sounds as if everybody is talking the truth, and sometimes these so-called truths are direct opposites! It seems to me as if people are becoming more and more clever and the interpretations, better and better and more justified. Sometimes I simply want to hideaway and say: Jesus, I believe in You and that is enough.

Maybe this is exactly what we should do — hold on to our faith in Jesus, because that is more than enough. Nothing else can bring salvation. Nothing can take away our salvation, no matter what people say. And my response to this salvation by Jesus forces me to share it with others in a true, logical and understandable way.

Let’s all make sure that we’re going in the right direction.


Colossians 2:6-8


Do you believe in the true message of Jesus Christ?

Does it make a difference in your life?

Are you tuned in to the guidance of the Holy Spirit?


Father, I have one desire and that is to live in truth, your truth. But it’s not so easy to know when something is true or when it is somewhat south of the truth. I believe in Jesus and I know that is enough. Please let your Spirit guide me to search for Jesus’ truth every day and to live according to it. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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