God's word in today's world

God’s plan in me is hard

While Paul was in prison he wrote this letter to the Ephesians. They were actually the reason why he was imprisoned. 1This is why I, Paul, am in jail for Christ, having taken up the cause of you outsiders, so-called. Nothing could prevent Paul from proclaming the Gospel. Even here in prison he makes a plan to continue preaching and writes down what God has revealed to him.

I wonder whether we would have had all these wonderful words of Paul if he had not gone to prison. Would he have written or would he have travelled to Ephesia to tell them the wonderful news? If that was so, the wonderful news might have got lost as time went by, it had not been written down somewhere.

Do you see God’s plan? God wants the descendants, including us, to hear this wonderful news. The best way in which this could have happened was to allow Paul to write it down. The time in which Paul was in jail, he had time to do other things. In this way God turned a negative into a positive.

Paul could have struggled with God and complained to Him about the fact that he was in jail. God called him to go to faraway countries and proclaim the gospel. Now he is in Prison again and cannot live out his calling. What now, God?

No, Paul does not complain and uses the time to write. The result is astronomical and all the generations now have access to the written gospel.

God often uses our circumstances to achieve something else. We do not always see the bigger picture. I’m certain Paul could not picture us reading his words 2 000 years later and that it helps us to believe in God and to get to know Him.

Ina really experienced this:

Last year our house burnt down completely. We did not have insurance.  I had no reproach, only tears, because there were so many memories inside. I only wondered whether it was God,s way to help me leave the past in the past and to really make a new start.

I knew these things helped to make us stronger and to make us realise again that He is always there for us, in every circumstance. As my son says, do not worry about the house, Mommy, be thankful that you did not perish with the house.

That is how we should live; to be thankful for what we have and not to worry about what we do not have. And I like my thankfulness glasses, because it so good to see his grace and love every day, completely undeserved.

Let’s be honest. Life is not always easy. Sometimes the storms rush over us one after the other and we struggle to keep our heads above water. In these times we must hold onto God and trust in Him. We must believe that He will turn the negative into a positive. In a way we must accept it and even though it is difficult, keep on proclaiming the Gospel. God will make everything work out for good. If not now, definitely later.

God, please give us strength!

Bible reading

Ephesians 3:1-13


What do your circumstances look like?

Do you see the bigger picture?

How is God working?


Lord, it is not always easy to live life. Sometimes it is so hard that I want to give up. Thank you that I can know that You can turn a negative into a positive. Please help me not to complain too much, but to keep on and to keep believing that You will help me and others through this. Amen

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