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God’s grace is enough

Many, many times I am amazed by God’s grace. The immensity of God’s grace is simply too awesome for me to understand. How can God love a sinful guy like me, just like that? But even more, how can God take the punishment for all the wrong things I have ever done? And for all those things I should’ve done and were simply too lazy or embarrassed to do …

But that is exactly who our God is. A God who cannot hold back and who does not ask questions when He pours out his grace. When my wife talks about this, she takes a bowl and a large jug of water. As she talks, she fills the bowl with water, not stopping when it starts overflowing.

People in the audience quickly points out that the bowl is overflowing, but she doesn’t respond. When the water starts running off the table, people even jump up to come and help mopping up.

Then she explains that it refers to God’s grace. It doesn’t stop. Even if the bowl is full, it keeps on flowing across the table and even onto the floor. This overflowing grace of God is not just for the people in church or next to the church, but for all of humankind:

11God’s readiness to give and forgive is now public. Salvation’s available for everyone!

The best ever news for me as a sinner! For each of us. God’s grace has no limits. It’s not just for his chosen people, but for all of us. It is also not restricted to “good” people, but is intended for all sinners. For all of us who keep crossing the boundaries of life.

Many of us have done very bad things and then we wonder how big God’s grace is. That’s where André is:

I was one of those people on the other side of the fence. If I had only known what I know now, but that didn’t even cross my mind.

I have been divorced for four years now and if I could change that, I would. I hope and believe that the Lord will forgive me for what I’ve done. It has pulled me apart and it feels as if it will never heal. I am so sorry …

How does one get up again? I have never looked at another woman again. But it is terrible to be so alone. I struggle to talk to the Lord. It is so bad not to be able to talk to the Lord, there is nothing I can say to Him …

Please help!

God’s grace is enough for André. God will forgive the mistakes André has made. He has already taken the punishment for it through his Son’s death on the cross. André has confessed his guilt before God and can now go on with his life and find peace again somewhere along the way. He will get to that place where he can talk to God again. Joy will come knocking on his door again, because God’s grace is enough.

For you too. It doesn’t matter how big a mistake you made; God’s grace is more than enough!

Titus 2:11-14

Have you put your mistakes at God’s feet?
Do you think God’s grace is enough?
How do you have to live differently?

Lord, why does it sometimes feel as if your grace is meant for other people, but not for me? Please help me to break free from my guilt! Each and every one so that I really can be free. Amen.

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