God's word in today's world

God’s goodness overflows

I have a friend who did something wrong many years ago. One Friday afternoon, a policeman knocks on the door and hands him a warrant for his arrest. He ends up behind bars the whole weekend. What happened to him that weekend is simply too horrible to put into words.

The Monday he came to see me in a real traumatised state. He didn’t know how to go on. Actually, he couldn’t. Life was too hard. He went through sleepless nights before every court appearance. He was afraid. He was uncertain. He was stressed. He was speechless. He was angry. He felt ill. It was as if he had undergone a complete transformation. The situation was like a mountain he couldn’t or didn’t want to climb.

Suddenly everything changed. He changed. He wasn’t angry anymore and stress no longer was on his daily menu. He looked and felt good. He smiled broadly. You could see he was in a happy place. He was filled with excitement and nothing could stop him. He knew exactly where he was going and nothing was holding him back. Even the court case against him couldn’t put him down.

The reason for his transformation? God, he said. He made things right with God. He confessed his sin and asked God for forgiveness. His testimony can actually be summarised in the following verse: 14Grace mixed with faith and love poured over me and into me. And all because of Jesus.

I totally agree with this, because the change in my friend’s life could only have been brought about by God. No human being can cause such a turnaround to occur in a person’s life.

He said he was no longer afraid or upset about the court appearances. God had overwhelmed him with his goodness. He could feel it. He could see it in his business – he never before had so much work.

One of the major building blocks was that God had taught him to trust in Him. He had to put down his fears before God one-by-one. He had to leave with God the uncertainty about what could happen to him and his family. Even the coming judgements he had to put in God’s hands. Yes, he had to learn to trust God every step of the way.

And the result? He stopped focusing on himself. He focused on others. He recognised others’ needs. He stopped asking what he could get out of it, and rather what he could give.

My friend started opening his hand to give to others and without realising gave God a place to leave his goodness.

My friend is visibly different because he met God.

We must learn from one another. We must learn to turn to God and invite Him in. We must give Him space to work in our lives. We must leave space for Him to let his goodness enter our lives. We must trust God again and leave all our fears and uncertainties with Him. God will rescue us from our predicament, no matter how bad it is. He can turn us around and change us. We’ll start loving others again and start living differently …

Maybe you needed this message today. May this become true for your life too.


1 Tim 1:8-17


Is God’s goodness flowing over you?
Do you trust in God?
Are you prepared to be changed and made new by God?


Father, we all need your goodness and your grace. Please take our lives in your hands. Form us and shape us as You wish. We want to put our trust in You. Please help us do that. Amen.

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