God's word in today's world

God’s deal for us

Philippians 1:1-2

Princes William and Harry had no choice but to be members of the royal family. They were born into the royal family. And because they were born into that family, they receive with it many benefits. It’s so nice to receive a bunch of gifts without having to work for it at all.

When it comes to us and God, it’s more or less the same. The death of our brother, Jesus, on the cross made it possible for us to become royal as well. Without us having worked for it, we receive all the benefits and we can now live as Royal children. And it’s to all God’s children that Paul and Timothy wrote the letter to the Philippians:  2… write this letter to all the followers of Jesus in Philippi, pastors and ministers included.

What does it mean to be followers of Jesus?

This reminds me of those old Joshua Doore advertisements. There was an old bald man in all the advertisements. He always walked through large storerooms with furniture and eventually sat down in a big chair at the end. Then they played the jingle: “You’ve got an uncle in the furniture business, Joshua Doore”. This was family, man, and family will always give you a good deal, or what?

When it comes to the Kingdom of God we’re also part of the family. Yes, God is our Father. We belong to Him. What a comforting thought. God as Father simply wants the best for us and He will give us the best deal. God always wants to give the best to his family and that is what He does. He was even prepared to sacrifice the life of his Son to make it possible for us to one day spend eternity with them. There is no better deal in life!

The only question is whether you have chosen Him to be your Father?

There where you live, are you living as if you are part of the family of God? Can people see from your actions that you are part of God’s family? Some children of God look like secret agents with no sign of God’s works. They actually look like they belong to the world.

It’s as if many of us only want to belong to God when the whatever strikes the fan. Then, suddenly, we grab hold of our family and then we want our heavenly Father to save us from the “whatever”. But it doesn’t work like that, because then we’re only using and even abusing God.

God is our Father, because He created us. We are part of his new world, but also part of his family. And we can choose that. When we have chosen it, we must ensure that we live like children of God. Let’s make sure that we break away from the laws of the world and rather adhere to God’s prescriptions.  It’s so easy to understand: Love your neighbor and live it.


Do you belong to God?

Are you part of his family?

Does your life show it?


Father, thank you that I can know that I have a Father who loves me very much and who will do everything for me. Thank you that I can be part of a family who care for one another and who will cover for one another. Please help me to live like that and to really care for the people around me, even strangers. Amen

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