God's word in today's world

God leads our thoughts to love

My mind is normally all over the place, especially when I pray. So I often choose a Psalm and read it slowly and carefully. Then I take pen and paper and write down everything that I hear in that Psalm. I can fill a number of pages quite quickly.

It helps me to focus. It also helps me to get a better picture and understanding of God. It helps me find words to thank God. Try it.

This is what I got from reading Psalm 36:

  • God’s love for us is as great as the heavens – nobody can measure it.
  • God is so good to us – one cannot adequately describe it.
  • God is just.
  • God keeps everything and everybody safe – He protects those who take refuge with Him.
  • God gives more than you need.
  • God is good to us.
  • God is life.
  • God lights my path.
  • God protects.
  • God helps.
  • God cares.
  • God provides.
  • God gives.

This left me amazed at my Heavenly Father. Amazed that such a great God would bend down to me, me who does not always dream his dream. I imagine myself climbing onto God’s hand and hiding from the monsters in life that want to gobble me up. I see myself curling up like a small baby and sleeping peacefully – as if nothing and nobody can touch me.

At the bottom I write in big letters: Thank you, God!

When I walked away, I was different. Different, because I was thinking about my God differently. Different, because I realised anew how much He loves me. Streams of love overflowing like rivers in the rainy season.

My heart overflows with gratitude. I realise I’m here only through the grace of God who opens the way for me. Then I cannot but go out in life looking where I can give back and make a difference in the lives of other people!

When God touches us through his Word, we get hope and courage and Paul’s wish is fulfilled in our lives as well: 5May the Master take you by the hand and lead you along the path of God’s love and Christ’s endurance.

Then the storms of life can come. Then unbelievers can laugh at us or make life difficult for us. Then the enemy can do his utmost to destroy our faith. We will follow Jesus to the end, because He is the One that makes us strong.


2 Thessalonians 3:1-5

Think about this

Is God in your thoughts?

Are you changed by his Word?

Where does it go wrong?


Father, Your love for me and Your faithfulness and Your provision run like a strong and refreshing stream through my life. Your Word reminds me of Your love for me and it gives me strength and courage to persevere until the end.

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