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God is with you

Click here to go to the Scripture:2 Corinthians 1:9-10

Paul knows what it means to live on the edge. He knows what it’s like to suffer a lot. He knows about times when you wonder where God is and when He will step in and bring salvation. He experienced it himself and witnesses out loud: 10 And he did it, rescued us from certain doom. And he’ll do it again, rescuing us as many times as we need rescuing. Paul knew he did not have to be afraid if suffering came his way again, because God would be there.

It’s the same for you and me. When we suffer God will help us get through it. Therefore, we know for certain that if we open the door to hardship again, God will enter with us! this is the guarantee: God will go with you wherever you go. He will help you in times of hardship. You must keep this thought in your head: God is with you.

I believe it with my whole life, because, you know, I’ve experienced God’s closeness a couple of times in my life:

I wanted to sell my bakkie, but got simply no responses to the advertisement. Then someone called Petrus phoned and was really interested, a cash buyer. I was so excited when I phoned and immediately drove to Intercape’s depot near the airport. After waiting a couple of minutes he and his brother arrived. They were dressed neatly and spoke Afrikaans well.

When they saw the bakkie, they were quite satisfied, because it was exactly what they were looking for. They asked if we could go for a short drive and said we should turn into the airport to discuss things, because they wanted to buy the bakkie. We parked in the parking area and they had a look at the engine as well. Yes well, they wanted this bakkie to transport the clothes they sold. Now to arrange for the money. They talked to someone on the cellphone and then asked me to call the person to check whether the money was ready. The person ensured me it was.

Suddenly a chill ran through my body. I smelled a rat. And it was as clear as daylight: This was fraud. These guys were going to hijack me. I’m not good with stressful situations and normally start stuttering. What now? I tried to remain calm. I tried to take a photo of them, but only got Petrus’s stomach. Unobtrusively I tried to get the phone closer, but when I pressed the button the phone made a sound precisely like those old cameras when you take a photograph and both Petrus and his brother looked down at my phone!

I had to get away! My life was in danger. What now? I wanted to pretend that someone was phoning me and that there was a crisis at the factory, when my phone rang! I walked a small distance away. It was a friend of mine. In two sentences I told him about Petrus and the airport and the bakkie. My friend was a motor dealer himself and confirmed my discomfort and said it was a common way of hijacking people and I had to get away as soon as possible!

With the grace of God I could eventually get away unscathed.

When I had to open “the door of hardship”, God was there. He gave me the wisdom and insight to realise what was going on. He caused the chill running through my body. He took the stutter from my stressed voice. He made my friend call at the right moment. He kept me safe until I was safe. God was with me.

This is the guarantee: God was with me right there where I was. He helped me at a bad time. I experienced that God was with me right there. Even if I’m in trouble and even if it looks as if I’m knocking on death’s door, I feel that God is here with me. I can live to the full, because God is with me.


Do you really believe that God will be with you when you are in dangerous situations?

Are you focused on God to such an extent that you will recognise His voice inside you?


Lord, You are the Almighty. You are so powerful you can move mountains, but You are still involved with us people. You, the almighty, is always with us. Here next to us. Your love for us is so big that you’ll never leave us! Thank you, Father, for the confirmation that we’ll never be alone. Even though we go through the valley of death, we’ll never go alone! Amen

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