God's word in today's world

God in all my coats

Many of us live a compartmentalized life. As if we put on a different jacket for every new set of circumstances. I act in a certain way at work, which is different from the way I am at home or with my friends. With my mates I will tell a joke of a certain standard, but at the cell group I’m compelled to set the standard higher.

I received a very funny joke and forwarded it to a couple of mates. One of them let me know he couldn’t open it on his phone and asked me to e-mail it to him, concluding by saying: “Just let me know whether it’s clean”. And suddenly I’m confronted with the question whether it is really a clean joke. No, it doesn’t contain any swear words, but where do you draw the line between crude and less crude. I wondered whether I would send that joke to my mentor or pastor or minister?

I didn’t send it to my friend.

And while we’re living in compartments and in some circles move the line between crude and less crude, God is always with us. In all the compartments of our lives: 6You have one Master, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who rules over all, works through all, and is present in all.

God lives in each of us. He lives in us all the time through his Spirit. When we receive the Lord as our Saviour, He moves in. Even if we live in compartments. Even if we put on different coats in different conversations and different relationships. God stays. If God sees that we are going to put on the wrong jacket, He doesn’t go away and only returns when you’re done messing around

No, God is our Father who never leaves his child alone. It doesn’t matter how far we stray from the path. Yes, I know sometimes God cries about the things we get up to, but his love for us makes Him stick it out. That’s the way our Heavenly Father works. Yes, there is no one like Him. Not even our earthly fathers and mothers can do what He does. Nobody else loves you and me like that!

However, this shouldn’t make us afraid. No, it is such an enormous benefit that we as children of God enjoy. We are never alone, doesn’t matter where we go. Doesn’t matter how high the mountain you have to cross. Doesn’t matter how anxious you are about the next meeting at work or in your business, you never walk in there alone.

Our problems will not simply disappear. Unfortunately, you have to go through them, but you can do it calmly, because you are not alone. God is inside you. He lives inside you and wants to take you by the hand. Be sensitive to his guidance. Believe that He walks next to you. Believe that He will give you the wisdom to keep your emotions in check and to say the right thing.

This is our God. He is so big that He is small enough to move into each and everyone of us. Let’s live a life that will show others what God looks like inside us: 6You have one Master, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who rules over all, works through all, and is present in all.


Ephesians 4:1-10


Do you believe that God lives in you?

Does it feel at times as if that is not so?

Do others see the living God in you?


Thank you Father, that You came to live in me to be with me always. Please help me to remember that You live in me so that You can work through me. I want to be useful and available to You. Amen

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