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Fruit of the Spirit: Tolerant – and never nasty

<strong>22… a sense of compassion in the heart …</strong>

Susan Coetzer wrote the following (my translation):

<em>I’ve decided to fast a little. </em>
<em> NO, not a food fast – I get far too hungry and then I don’t have enough energy for running and for work appearances. </em>
<em> I’m fasting from WORDS. </em>
<em> I keep them in my thoughts and look at them – are they USEFUL or are they simply noise – like dogs barking and cars speeding. </em>

<em> We talk so easily and so much … NONSENSE. Until you realise how MUCH power is contained in the spoken word. The whole universe was created through WORDS. God said: Let there be LIGHT, with WORDS. And there was LIGHT.</em>

<em> What are you saying with YOUR WORDS?</em>
<em> About our country: This country has gone down the drain. This country is corrupt. Bankrupt. A bad place to stay with bad people.</em>

<em> About people: You pig? You’re pathetic. You stupid &amp;*%#. You make me sick!</em>

<em> And about yourself: I can’t. I’m tired. I’m ill. I’m fed up. I’m down. I’m depressed. I don’t believe anymore. I’m fat. I’m ugly. I have no talent. I’m afraid … I have no strength. Hopeless.</em>

<em> Be CAREFUL of what you say. If most of the words coming out of your mouth are negative and destructive, they have a negative effect. On you and all those who hear you. </em>

<em> Is it time for you to FAST with me? No human being can tame the tongue – you have to learn from the Lord so that He can teach you to CUT the weeds from your vocabulary – to speak more and more words of LIFE instead of death. Over our country, over the people who irritate you, over yourself – when you feel knocked down.</em>

<em> RAISE yourself and others with your words. Words are not simply letters that are put together. Words are loaded with POWER. Power to build up and power to destroy. Therefore, a good fast is very healthy. Fast a little from unnecessary words: Ask the Lord to show you where you use words to harm yourself and others.</em>

<em> Do you gossip easily and often? Do you like spreading bad news? To sow strife among people? Do you often complain – simply because it’s become a habit? Do you curse or bless?</em>

<em> Let’s fast a little – think about our multitude of words in God’s quietness. Roll them around on your tongue. Taste them in your thoughts. FEEL the effect of the words you want to say – do they speak of LIGHT or of darkness?</em>

<em> Scrutinise your thoughts. What you think is the engine firing up what you say. The Word is clear: What goes on in your mind (your heart) determines your future. And other people’s future. Today, put the brakes on all that nonsense you’re talking. All the drivel. All the lies. The anger. The gossiping. The sour words. The cutting words. The cruel words. The words that break you (and others), the words that limit you (and others). Let’s roll our tongues back and put a lock on it.</em>

<em> Push the primitive crocodile brain BACK in its box. THINK before you speak. </em>
<em> Ask yourself: Are these words constructive? Are they good? Are they necessary? Because words are matches – they can light an enormous fire. A fire of life or a fire of death. And it is difficult to extinguish the fire. Especially the fire that burns. Not even the fire brigade’s hosepipe is long enough.</em>

<strong>22… a sense of compassion in the heart …</strong>
<p style=”text-align: right;”><strong><a href=”https://www.bible.com/en-GB/bible/97/gal.5.msg” target=”_blank”>Galatians 5:13-23</a></strong></p>

What does your fruit look like?

Will the Spirit put his sticker on it?

Do others experience your tolerance towards them and that you are never nasty?



Father, I long to bear juicy fruit, but I realise more and more that I’m not managing. I struggle to be tolerant and jump on my high horse so quickly. O, Spirit of God, please take over and tame my tongue. Give me strength to be tolerant towards others and to show tolerance. Amen

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