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Fruit of the Spirit: Friendliness and warmth

Some people are like magnets that automatically attract others. Other people are more like magnets with the same poles pushing others away the whole time. And it’s not nice to be around people like these.

And normally people who are so miserable don’t even want to be like that. They don’t want to push others away, but somewhere inside them something short-circuited and now their behaviour simply pushes people away.

There’s a website on the internet called wikiHow that helps you to act nicely towards others. It contains various articles, but one that caught my attention was: How to get along with people and be nice (with pictures).

<strong>22… a conviction that a basic holiness permeates things and people.</strong> Are you the magnet that attracts others or pushes them away? Do you always smile despite the way you feel inside? Even if people are rude, does your friendliness wipe out their negativity?

It’s just nicer to be around some people. Such people are always friendly, whatever the circumstances in which they find themselves. When you walk away from them you are different, positively different. You got a lot of energy from them and feel up to taking on your life again. Actually, you wish you could be like them. How do they do it?

Actually it’s not them who do this themselves, but the Holy Spirit living inside them. They made space for the spirit to work inside them and what you now experience inside their space is one of the fruits of the Spirit: They radiate warmth; that is why people want be with them.

If you break down the word friendliness into its parts, the first part is the word friend. When I look at my circle of friends I realise that I can experience the fruit of the Spirit among them. In the circle of friends I’m safe. I can be myself and don’t have to be afraid that they would say something about me that would put me in a bad light or hurt me. I can show my whole being honestly and openly to them safe in the knowledge that they would not mock me or laugh at me. I can take any problem to them and they will help look for solutions. But even more, they are sincerely interested and will regularly contact me to know what is going on.

It is very special to have friends with whom you can share and taste the fruit of the Spirit.

Have you noticed that this kind of people do not put themselves first? No, the focus is on the other person and his or her needs. They are really interested in your circumstances and want to make a contribution to your life. That is why it is enjoyable to be with them and why people go back to them again and again.

This fruit must also be part of us. Other people must stand in line to be around us, because with us they can find real friendliness and positive energy.
<p style=”text-align: right;”><strong><a href=”https://www.bible.com/bible/97/gal.5.msg” target=”_blank”>Galatians 5:13-23</a></strong></p>

Do you succeed in being sincerely friendly?

Do you show warmth towards others?

If you don’t, what can you do about it?



Father, it is so good to be with people who are friendly and warm. I really want to be like that as well. Thank you that your Holy Spirit makes it possible for me to be like that. Amen

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