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Forgiveness for a second chance

I received this moving witness from Rita:

I have struggled long and hard with this thing called forgiveness. 

You see, my little girl was molested and I think that must be every parent’s biggest fear and nightmare!  But we got through it with God’s grace and we are mostly healed.

During the court case and everything that came after that I really wanted that man (sinner!) to get the heaviest punishment one could think of. I was consumed by thoughts of revenge and I wanted him to suffer for what he had done to us.

I had such hateful thoughts until the Lord stopped me one day and said to me that He loved that man as well!  Jesus did indeed understand what we were going through, and He was there for us, but what about that sinner who did not know Him?  What about that human being, also made by God, what about her?  And what about me?  I, who wanted to try and be more and more like Jesus every day, what about me? 

Into what kind of person was I changing?

I knew I HAD to forgive, despite what had happened.  For my sake and for the sake of the sinner who was also loved by Jesus! 

And even more, we who wanted to be used as instruments by God, weren’t we simply being used as instruments to stop that man’s dirty life of alcohol, women, sex and eventually the molestation? 

There where he was sitting alone in his prison cell and where he had lots of time to reflect, maybe God had gone to meet him there? 

I don’t know; I have no contact with him.  But maybe it happened like that and was part of God’s plan to save that man’s life. 

But what I do know and what I praise our Lord for, is the fact that today I’m in a place where I can pray for that man as well. 

No matter what, everybody deserves a second chance.  God gave me a second chance, so who am I not to forgive someone who had sinned against me (and my child)?  

To forgive does not only free the other person, but believe me, it frees you too.  And even more, Jesus is on his way, I believe more than ever before.  There is no more time for the small things of the world.  Which means there is no more time for baggage. 

We have to travel light through the world.  Get rid of anything that is not from the Lord, anything that does not improve you!  It is unnecessary to have such things in your life.

I just felt I had to say this!

Thank you, Rita, you help me to understand this verse: 32Be gentle with one another, sensitive. Forgive one another as quickly and thoroughly as God in Christ forgave you.


Ephesians 4:17-32


How high is the forgiveness mountain lying before you?

Where do you have to start?

With whom?



Our Father in heaven, I know that You are also on earth. I believe that your Spirit lives in us. I really need your Spirit to take me by the hand now so that I can struggle up the mountain. Amen

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