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Following and leading

Philippians 3:17-21

My wife and I were involved in a mobilisation organisation where the church was being mobilised to become involved in the need of the world. Worldwide many people are members of this organisation. When you join, someone who has been a member for some time already becomes your mentor.

What a wonderful idea! You can phone this person at any time, because chances are nearly 100% that this person has previously faced the same questions or situations that you are confronting. He or she has already struggled through this, knows where to look for solutions, and can lead you in the right direction.

A mentor is crucial and all of us should have one!

Who are you following? Who is your mentor, or do you think you don’t need one?

Maybe some people think we shouldn’t follow people, but God. That is true. We shouldn’t believe in people, but in God. But we can help one another to follow God. Why should we make the same mistakes others have made? They are the ones who can help us not to make those same mistakes and save us from a whole lot of hardship and pain.

Having a mentor leading you makes the road a bit easier. You will save lots of time and energy by not going down unnecessary side tracks. However, you must make sure that the one you’re following is going in the right direction. You don’t want to end up on the edge of a cliff.

Now for the more difficult question: Who’s following you? Who do you mentor? And even more difficult: Is your life such that someone can use it as an example to follow?

Not so easy, hey. Christianity is not for cowards. You must have strong nerves.

17 Stick with me, friends. Keep track of those you see running this same course, headed for this same goal.

We must walk the road of life in such a way that it attracts others. What an enormous responsibility, because if you take the wrong turn, you can make others trip and fall.

Maybe you should read that last sentence again.

We do not realise what an enormous responsibility we have to walk the straight road of life. Many of the people we come into contact with every day are searching. Searching for the meaning of life. Searching for advice. Searching for joy and peace. Searching for someone who can help them, lead them and show them the road to salvation.

You may be that person!

Make sure that you follow the right mentors. But open your eyes – see the people who want to follow you. Keep on the right road.


Do you have someone who can help you along the way?

Where can you look for a mentor?

Who do you mentor?


Father, please help me to follow You every day so that I too can declare like Paul that others can follow me like I follow You. Amen

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