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Fire up your gifts

6And the special gift of ministry you received when I laid hands on you and prayed—keep that ablaze!

I had to do a lot of deep reading to get the answer to my question about this verse. The question was: What is a special gift and does everybody have it? The clever guys who know more about the Bible say the verse refers to Timothy’s special gift to preach the Gospel.

Not everybody receives this special gift. Which is fine. I understand that not everybody receives the gift to establish churches. However, what I do find significant here is Paul’s instruction to Timothy about what he should do with this gift.

In this translation the instruction is translated as that he should put energy into making his gift grow, to improve it or maybe to make it more effective. The Greek word that is used here is almost like ignite. You have to ignite the fire or fire it up to make the flames burn even higher.

And with this lovely image of someone standing there with a bellows giving a fire more oxygen, the message to you and me is: Give your gift fire a little oxygen so that it can make a difference in the world you move in.

All of us have gifts and some received special gifts too. Do not hide your gifts under a bucket. Do not neglect them. Yes, our beds in heaven are made. I don’t have to work for my place in heaven. But you and I want to and have to do something out of gratitude. What are you going to say one day in heaven when God asks you what impact your gifts had in your world?

Excuse me for using myself as an example. For sure I mess up and miss church and say the wrong things and am too lazy to get up to go and do something for someone else and say the wrong things and much more. But God gave me the gift to say something as it is – in ordinary English.

Then, flowing from this, He gave me a ministry through which He wants to talk to other people. So, I sent it to few people. Is that good enough? No, I have to get creative and send it to more people. I have to find other people to help me make its presentation more beautiful and better.

I have to find IT people to help make sure that it is sent out correctly. I have to read more about the scripture so that I can convey its understanding purely and more easily. And the point is? I have to work at it so that this gift that I received from God can have even more impact on others.

But I still feel small, because there is an enormous difference between what I do and what happens. The energy in my little fire can certainly not generate so much heat! That is where the Holy Spirit becomes involved. He came to people as a flame on their shoulders!

In winter, our house is fairly cold and I had the opportunity to replace the ordinary Jet Master with a combustion fireplace. This fireplace generates double the heat with half the wood. It is so effective! When you open the hole at the bottom, more oxygen is let inside and the fire burns even warmer. The fire starts roaring so loudly it seems the fireplace wants to take off.

The Holy Spirit is ready with the bellows in hand. Take hands and let your gift’s fire burn higher, and may the energy that’s released make a big difference in the lives of the people around you.

2 Tim 1:5-7

What gifts do you have?
Are you using your gifts to glorify God?
What must you do to fire up your gifts?

Lord, thank you for giving each of Your children a spiritual gift that we can use to spoil, serve and uplift others. Please help me to be available and useful so that You can work through me too. Amen.

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