God's word in today's world

Faith in Jesus is more than enough

A builder friend phoned me up and told me a story about a contractor who had been working for him on his building projects for years. I knew my friend as a person who loved sharing the Gospel with everyone, without forcing it on them.

After years of listening to my friend’s witness, the contractor said one day that he did believe there was a God, but asked how would one go about accepting Him? My friend invited him to meet at the coffee shop in the town’s co-op.

They talked for a long time. The contractor found it difficult to believe that no works were necessary from his side. He found it difficult to believe that Jesus had already paid for his sin. But he said he was going to try to make it part of his life.

My friend downloaded the Bible to the contractor’s phone. When he went to pay for the coffee, he noticed one of my books on the shelf and bought it for the contractor. So, he had God’s Word on his phone and a book to guide him on his new way.

I was quite emotional when I put down the phone. Emotional, because of my friend living out his calling through the years in his own way and seeing the fruits of his labour. Emotional, because another sheep had joined God’s flock. I was emotional, because in a way I was also contributing to this man’s way forward.

But even more so, because it hit me how simple God had made it for us to believe. It confirmed the words that Paul wrote to Timothy: 15 why, you took in the sacred Scriptures with your mother’s milk! There’s nothing like the written Word of God for showing you the way to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

Faith in Christ is all you need. That’s all.

That is why it was so difficult for the contractor to believe that no hard work is necessary to earn your salvation. When you come from a background where you’ve had to work for everything you need or want, it is certainly difficult to believe in something that you receive just like that for free.

This is a concept that you first need to become familiar with. That’s why I’m so pleased my friend downloaded the Bible for the contractor, because that’s where he will get to know and understand God ‘s heart. The curtains will open little by little and he will see the love that God has for people.

Here he will learn that we cannot work to earn our place in heaven. Jesus’ death on the cross is enough. Faith in Jesus and what He did for us on the cross is more than enough.

This simple story made me realise once again how important it is that we spend serious time with God’s Word every day. You cannot stay the same as you walk through God’s Word. Your thoughts are renewed. Here you stop those difficult questions from the world and learn to believe like a child again.

Maybe you’re in a place filled with doubt. This may be the time for you to pray a simple prayer telling Jesus that you believe in Him and that you believe that his death on the cross was sufficient to take the punishment for your sin. Go and read the Word of God: You can learn a lot from it!

And let’s take what we learn into our day and share it with others. Like my friend helped the contractor, you may help someone in your world and save another life!

2 Tim 3:14-17

Do you believe that Jesus’ death on the cross is enough for you?
What does your walk through God’s Word look like?
What must you do differently?

Jesus, I believe! Make my faith even stronger as I walk with Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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