God's word in today's world

Faith helps with choices

We have to make a bunch of choices every day. Some easy, like deciding to get out of bed early enough to get to work on time. Some we make difficult for ourselves, like women who cannot decide what to wear though their wardrobes are stuffed with clothes.

Other choices are difficult for some people, like whether you are going to type that three-letter word in your browser to look at stuff you know are not right. Or whether you’re going to pay that bribe. Or whether you are going to push the money under the table to get that deal – so that business can just survive.

The people who walk with us through life write the rules too and the rules change daily. What was wrong yesterday, is not so wrong today, and totally acceptable tomorrow. And that makes it more difficult to make decisions. If everyone is doing it that way, why can’t I do it too?

But I think there is no better time to stand up for what is right than right now. The world needs committed people who can take the lead and show how one can make the right choices in life. And faith helps one to make the right choices in the wild world out there.

Moses is a good example of this. He had an easy life growing up in the palace with everything he ever wanted. He literally didn’t have to lift a finger. He only had to snap his fingers and his every need would be met right then and there. But he made a different choice: 24By faith, Moses, when grown, refused the privileges of the Egyptian royal house. 25He chose a hard life with God’s people rather than an opportunistic soft life of sin with the oppressors.

Moses trusted in God. Moses believed in God and when you believe in God, you want to live your life the way you know the One in whom you believe wants you to. He knew that if he remained in the palace, he would eventually do things that are not within the will of God. Therefore, he decided to rather go and suffer with his people than bathe in sin.

It was not an easy choice, because life with the pharaoh’s grandchildren and friends seemed really nice. But his faith in God helped him and made it easier to make the right choice

That’s what faith does. Faith makes it easier for us to make the right choices here on earth. Faith helps us face the hard times. We cannot avoid hard times by making the wrong choices. Faith in God let us make the right choices, even though hard times might be part of it, because we know and believe and trust that God will fulfil his promises on the other side.

Make sure that your faith in God is sound. Make sure that it is unshakable, then your choices in this world will be so much easier.

Hebrews 11:20-31

What do your choices look like?
What does your faith look like?
What do you have to do differently?

Our Father, I learnt something huge today. I realise that many of my poor choices were the result of my weak faith in You. I say this as it is today. I believe in You. I believe that I can make better choices everywhere I go, because I believe in Yo with everything in me. Amen.

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