God's word in today's world

Faith drives out fear

Opinions about the COVID-19 abound. And some get very serious about their opinion. I received a sound bite from a very angry preacher. He didn’t hold back at all. He was rude and insulting and called some people names.

His opinion is very simple. If you get vaccinated, you are going to hell! It’s the mark of the beast and if you participate, you are selling your right to go to heaven. Governments want to take over your being and the vaccination will slowly but surely shape your brain so that you will obey them.

I thought long about his opinion and his way of doing things. He scared many people and even I heard fear come knocking at my door. Every person has a right to form their opinion, but to scare people is not really the way that Jesus would have gone about it.

Jesus came in love and corrected others in love. He spoke softly and really cared for others. He tried to calm people down and like a shepherd, lead them softly from danger into the light. That is the Jesus in whom I trust. I trust that God will also lead us through this difficult time of the pandemic.

This trust in God is what will keep protecting us, will keep the fear out, and enable us to move forward.

The time when Moses’ parents were on earth was also a time filled with fear. The king feared being dominated by the Israelites and proclaimed a law saying that all first-born sons had to be killed. The parents must have been so afraid!

But Moses’ parents saw it differently: 23By an act of faith, Moses’ parents hid him away for three months after his birth. They saw the child’s beauty, and they braved the king’s decree.

While everybody feared that the end had come and that the Israelites would be wiped out, Moses’ kept believing in God. They kept believing that the Israelites would be saved. They kept believing in God’s plan of salvation. They realised that their son had been called, that he was different. In a time when babies like Moses were hunted and killed like animals, his parents were calm and not afraid, because they kept on believing.

When everything is burning around us, it’s not easy to resist chasing in one direction with the masses. It’s difficult to keep calm when one voice note after another fly through the air announcing the end of the world. It’s difficult not to get scared and wonder whether the vaccination had undergone sufficient testing to prevent long-term consequences.

Maybe we should do what Moses’ parents did and keep believing. Believe that God has not forgotten us. Believe that God, like He saved his people, will save us today too. Then we’ll calm down and fear will not find us.

Hebrews 11:20-31

How big is your fear?
Are you looking for calmness?
How big is your faith?

Lord, I must confess that I sometimes get scared. I don’t have answers and when those who think they know everything speak up so loudly, I feel unsure. And I know uncertainty drives fear. So, I will say this now: I believe in You. I believe that You are the answer. Amen.

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