God's word in today's world

Faith based on a relationship

We had to buy another camera for our ministry, but to be able to do that, we first had to sell the old one. I advertised it on Gumtree. Very early one morning. The first call came just after five.

This guy was adamant. He was taking the camera. No questions asked about the condition of the camera. He was serious. Someone will come and pick it up just after 08:00. I said right, they can bring the cash. He said he didn’t have that much money on him and asked where I banked. He will do a direct EFT. I said cash is king. Bang, he cut the call.

Others came with stories about the person being far away on a boat who will arrange for a courier etc. But as soon as I insisted on cash only, the communication stopped summarily. 

Then my pal phoned asking for advice on recording their services, and I told him about the camera. He said they were interested. I dusted down the camera, put it in a box, arranged for transport, and off it went, without a cent in my hands or my bank account. 

So, what was the difference? I know my pal. We’ve known each other for years; we’ve had a relationship. I know his ethics. I know he will do what he promises. I don’t need cash in hand before giving the camera to him. He will pay me.

The many chancers showed me that trust is built on a relationship. I realise that we cannot trust God blindly if we don’t know Him. And that’s the problem with the most people who cannot trust God or believe in Him. They don’t know Him. 

Moses knew God. He had a personal relationship with Him. So, when he had to choose to continue playing in sin in the palace or take the hard road with God, he chose the latter. In his relationship with God, he could make the difficult choice, because he knew God would provide.

27By an act of faith, he turned his heel on Egypt, indifferent to the king’s blind rage. He had his eye on the One no eye can see, and kept right on going.

We fear tomorrow. We are afraid of the challenges that lie around the corner. We are uncertain about the choices we have to make at the crossroads in our lives. We are uncertain whether God will really provide for us. And the reason for this is because our relationship with God is such that we don’t really know Him. We have no basis on which to build our trust and would rather demand that He also pay cash than trust Him to keep His promises. 

We’re making a mistake. We must spend more time with God. We must make more time in our busy day to sit quietly with God. Then we’ll get to know His voice. Then a relationship will develop in which our trust and faith in Him will grow stronger and stronger. Then we’ll trust Him and even choose the difficult road, because we will know for sure that He will provide for us.

Hebrews 11:20-31

How much time do you spend with God?
Do you trust Him?
Do you believe in His promises for your life?

Father, please give me more faith, so that I can take a chance like Moses. I know I cannot do things on my own. Please help me to make You the highest priority in my day. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


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