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A man phoned me, in tears. His wife was caught in another man’s arms. How could they do it? All that was beautiful between them, all those special moments? someone took a big black pen and drew a line through all that was beautiful!

A man, owner of a big business, phoned me. He didn’t know how it had happened. He and his wife had been so happy. His business was doing well. His wife was at home to care for the children. One day she decided to start her own thing again. It wasn’t good to just sit around like that, she said.

Her business did well and started taking up more and more of her time. So much so that when he came home at night she no longer had time for him. It was just her business … He felt neglected. They no longer talked. He no longer had someone who enquired about his day and listened to what he had to say.

And then someone came into his life. Someone who made him feel good. Someone who had time for him, who listened, who cared. It made him feel good again. He blossomed again.

Now he phones, because you see, he’s not feeling good. Things went too far. Guilt comes knocking at your door, because: 3Keep yourselves from sexual promiscuity. 4Learn to appreciate and give dignity to your body …

We know it. We promised it to one another out loud at the wedding. Look what the marriage service says and what we promised so solemnly:

Give yourself to one another in many ways, seriously and humourously, in happy moments and in difficult circumstances. do not allow something or someone to come between you. Be prepared for Satan not being pleased with what is good and beautiful. As he brought accident and death onto the world in the beginning, so he tries through the ages to drve a wedge between man and wife, and between spouses and their God. Always find your strength in Christ who had already conquered Evil.

Never say: “Oh, it will never happen to us.” Your marriage may simply be going through a dip. One of you may just be in his or her own space for a bit and then someone appears that makes the other one feel good, makes you laugh again, someone who cares and, before you know it, that one slips and falls.

Be prepared. Be aware of one who wants to drive a wedge between you and your spouse and between you and God. Steel yourself for it. Overlook, forgive, make an effort, care, reach out, give a surprise flower, write a letter, surrender yourself, make sacrifices, walk another mile, watch over your marriage and get reinforcements to pray with you.

Together with the promise you made to one another, find your strength in Christ. Only with Him at your side will you be able to withstand the storm wind.


1 Thessalonians 4:1-8


Have your eyes wandered?

What can you do to strengthen your relationship?

Where does God fit into everything?


Father, Your will for us is to live holy lives. You don’t want us to give ourselves over to passions and desires outside of marriage like godless people. Please give us the desire and obedience to keep our marriages honourable. Amen.

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