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Even more effort

Philippians 3:12-16

12 I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me.

How many of your horses do you harness for God? The alarm clock went off at 5:00 this morning. 20 minutes to my son’s swimming practice. He gets up, eats something and off he goes. Without first lying back in bed and thinking about getting up or not. He just does it, because he knows it is necessary to reach his goal.

I also usually get up at that time, but sometimes it’s a struggle, even though I know I have an appointment with the One I serve. Sometimes I lie and think of the reasons why I struggle to get up some mornings, and miss this appointment. Why, why, why?

Sometimes we do not harness all our horses for God. Maybe we only harness those we think are necessary to keep God happy. That doesn’t sound too good and we will most probably object, but take a good look at your life. Where and how do you make God part of your life?

So how do you harness everything for God?

Maybe we should start by consciously tuning into God every moment of the day and talking to Him. I can still remember how I tried my best to talk to God when I was still working at the factory. I involved Him in every situation. In my head, I discussed every situation with Him, the people, the crises, the clients, etc. And somewhere in these discussions with God things started making sense. But even more, if we start tuning into God He really becomes part of our lives! And that is what God wants.

I really find it frightening that we often only approach God when things are not going well. When one or another crisis is threatening. But when things are going well, it’s as if we let go of our horses and want to muddle along on our own.

We must harness every possible horse in our lives to help pull our wagon. But look out: Don’t expect that horse to stay there forever. For some reason he always wants to break away.

We must regularly service those horses that are harnessed. We must check to see whether they are pulling on full power. We must check whether they are healthy. We must check whether they are strong enough to reach the finish line.

Harness everything for God today. Come on!


What is your goal in life?

Do you make sacrifices to reach your goal?

Are you focused on the finish line?


Jesus, thank you for not simply waiting for me at the finish line, but for running every step of the race with me. Thank you for reaching out to me when I struggle. I know I’m not alone on this journey. Amen

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