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Enough gifts for others

Verse 7 says: Out of the generosity of Christ, each of us is given his own gift.  We not only receive different gifts, the gifts we do receive also differ in size. And as human nature dictates, there have been many many fights about these different sizes and soon jealousy rears its ugly head, because this or that one received more than me.

But we shouldn’t be jealous or want more, because remember, more will be expected of those who have more. Rather be thankful for the gifts you received and focus on what you can do with your gifts.

This reminds me of the tale Jesus told about the man who gave three of his workers a bag of money to use. Two of the workers used the money well, but the third was lazy and buried the money. The owner was so angry when he saw that the worker had done nothing with the money that he chased him away like a bad dog.

Therefore, don’t ask: How much more or less have I received than the guy next door? That question will lead to disagreements and not answers. The question rather is: How can I use the gits that I received so that they will bear fruit?

I realise that when I focus on the question of the amount or the size of the gifts that I received compared to my neighbour, I put myself at the centre. Then it’s all about ME and MY gifts, which is exactly the opposite of what God intended with gifts. God’s intention with gifts was to put the neighbour in the centre. Gifts are given to us for the sake of our neighbour.

The purpose of the gift or talent I received is to make things easier for the people around me. If I have the gift of evangelism, its purpose is for me to bring the Word to people who have not yet met the Lord. If I have the gift of encouragement, its purpose is to save people from the dark hole of depression. If I have the gift of mercy, it is to provide in someone else’s need.

This is a wake-up call. We must realise that each of us has received something, a special present, a talent, and we’ll have to dust it off and get it working. Mine might not be as big or as much as that of the person next to me, but it does not take anything away from its worth. On the contrary, God knows exactly why He gave me that size or number of talents.

Now it is my responsibility to take off the brake and to ensure that my talents do something and show results. And no, it’s not about myself. It’s not about what I can get from the deal, but rather how much others can benefit from it. My gifts and talents must first help to alleviate someone else’s need.

God knows there are people who cannot do it on their own and that is why He gave you and me special skills to help others. But when I look around me, I see many people going through life with no help. Probably because he/she is wondering why another has more. Probably because has not yet discovered that it is actually not about him or her, but more about the other person.

Please, let us not be part of this group. May we discover our gifts and may we shower those gifts on others.


Ephesians 4:1-10


What is your gift?

Who is the recipient of your gift?

Where can you share your gift?


Jesus Christ, in your supreme wisdom You decided to whom You wish to give specific gifts. I trust that You know best and, therefore, I accept what I received from You. Send me to places where I can serve others with the gifts that I received from You. Amen

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