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Doubt no more

I was sitting at the table chatting to one of the actors in Binnelanders. He gave his life to the Lord just recently. His first question to me was whether it was wrong to doubt.

I could see myself in his shoes, because although I’ve been a child of God for a long time, at times a thought like this does flit through my mind: What if God doesn’t exist?

What if I’m busy embarrassing myself proclaiming God all around? Sometimes I catch myself wondering whether those Facebook guys who’ve left the church and no longer believe at all have a point.

What if …

I suspect it is normal to sometimes wonder about God’s existence when you stand at cross-roads. It’s human, because you see, we are only human. Our thoughts are human thoughts and sometimes they cannot reach God. Our thoughts and mind are cut short by the things of the world.

What to do? Paul helps with an answer: 13So keep at your work, this faith and love rooted in Christ, exactly as I set it out for you.

If you wonder, go back to the Word of God. If doubt comes knocking on your door, make an appointment with yourself, find a quiet place in the midst of the busy world, and open your Bible. There, where you are playing or working, right there on your phone, and read. Read through the Psalms; see how those writers struggled to keep their heads above water in the storms of everyday life, how they called to God. Yes, sometimes even these writers wondered if God was there.

We must crack down on our doubt by returning to God’s Word. Doubt comes into our lives so easily, because we have so little knowledge of God’s Word, and the devil knows this. That is why he so often comes and worries us with questions that make us doubt.

We must tackle our doubt constructively, because in a way we put a line through Jesus’ death on the cross when we doubt. Anélia (not her real name) sent me the following:

There is this interesting story from one of the apocryphal books.

Jesus’ followers were persecuted badly just after Pentecost. Peter devised plans to escape from the city for his own safety. Creeping through the streets, he bumped into Jesus walking with the cross on his shoulders.

Dazed, he asked: “But, Lord, what is this? You’ve ascended!”

And Jesus said: “Yes, Peter, but it doesn’t seem as if you believe it. Now I have to be crucified again for you.”

That made me wonder – and still makes me wonder. Every time I doubt, it’s as if I’m asking for Jesus to be crucified again and again.

Anélia may have a point here. In a way, Jesus has to be crucified again to overcome our doubt. That’s not right.

Let’s make a point of getting our food from God’s Word every day. Then doubt will disappear like mist before the sun.

2 Tim 1:13-14

Do you doubt sometimes?
Do you read God’s Word enough?
What do you have to do differently?

Father. I am sorry that I sometimes doubt whether You really exist. You do. You really exist and I believe in You! Amen.

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