God's word in today's world

Don’t you dare touch my buddy, then …

My buddies from high school and I are still good friends. Four of us are living in the same area. One went to Australia, but when he visits SA, we get together virtually every night. It is quite something to experience the close ties among us. Even if we have seen each other a long time ago we pick up the pieces very quickly, as if we’ve seen each other yesterday.

We all feel safe in this group. We will do anything for each other. If someone in the group is under threat, be sure − the others will stand up for him. Most of us have doubled in size, so nobody would willy-nilly pick a fight with us.

I was thinking about our group when I read the following text: 6God will do what is right. He will punish those who are causing you trouble.

 Much like our group of high school friends watching out for each other. Yes, we were quite naughty at times and didn’t always act the right way, but we dealt decisively with people looking for trouble with us – especially when one of us had been unfairly treated. Maybe we didn’t always use the right methods, but our motto was clear: You dare touch my buddy, and there will be trouble.

How much more would God protect us against other people. God is just and does not tolerate injustice. God does not like it when people treat other people unjustly, or that people should suffer under pressure. God will deal with them. Some in this life some only hereafter, but God will do it.

Listen how beautifully David says it: Psalm 12:8 LORD, take care of the helpless. Protect them forever from the wicked people in this world.

And I see how people are walking around with their expensive outfits as if they are the cat’s whiskers. Haughtily they walk along and without a wink of an eye they sweep others out of the way. But you just be aware, your days are numbered because God will protect us. He doesn’t take kindly to your trampling upon people.

People being treated unfairly isn’t God’s idea of doing things. And when I peep over my shoulder I see many instances where our forefathers had a hand in this. Many times without them realising. Others turned a blind eye. It doesn’t really matter. God hates it when His children are mistreated.

Let us learn from it. Let us make sure that we do not mistreat one person. Moreover, we must stand up for people who are being treated unjustly. Sometimes they just do not know how to get away from it. Then it is our job to help them and point the way.

Like Caren about her husband:

“He lives with his partner and doesn’t pay maintenance for his child. He does support the partner, her children and grandchildren. He and the woman gamble and drink together.

And then he comes and moves back in with me when they lost their rental home. So he goes back to the woman over weekends, but Monday evenings he’s back with me.”

Caren proceeds by saying: “Shoo, the humiliation my child and I have to go through daily.”

Caren’s husband is causing trouble. I know the suggestion you want to make, but maybe we should step back and see what injustices there are in our own world. Let us stand up like my buddies would for people that are being treated unfairly by other people. Let us roll up our sleeves for a change and let righteousness and justice prevail in God’s new world.


2 Thessalonians 1:3-6

To think about

What is injustice?

Do you do something about it?

What can you do?


Father, unrighteousness never goes unnoticed with You. Help me to act upon it as You would like me to. Amen.

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