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Don’t go looking for trouble

I have a friend in Johannesburg. He often writes to me. He told me how sad he was when his sister died. He was especially sad that they had never made peace with one another.

He said (not meant for sensitive readers):

About four months ago her one son said to me that if his mother died, he would go to her body, stick his finger in her eye and take a selfie to make sure she was dead.

A year ago the eldest said to her that he and his wife was tired of her s**t and that he would never speak to her again as long as he lived.

Yes, every story has two sides and my sister was no angel. She said the wrong things to her children throughout their lives; that was the reason for all the conflict. They were always fighting.

But so many times my wife and I urged her to make peace with them, only to hear: “I’m their mother, they must apologise to me.”

The problem is that none of them had any idea what forgiveness is.

My question is what happens on the other side of the grave if you die like that?

Together with him I wonder how great God’s grace is.

This is not a nice picture and possibly an extreme example.

But you do get those people who walk around complaining the whole day and who has nothing good to say about anybody else.

The results are frustration, unforgiveness, hurt, loneliness and pain. That’s why the Bible is so direct about it: 2No insults, no fights. God’s people should be bighearted and courteous.

We so easily allow life to push up our stress levels. We get tired of walking around always having to make plans to get by and our tempers are short. We get more and more irritated. All that we can see is the down side of things and before long, a small battle threatens to break out.

We must learn to see the positive in everything. We must learn to be grateful. Remember, we ourselves determine whether it rains or shines in our heads, as they say.

Yes, let’s see the glass as half full. Let’s look for the positive wherever we go. In that way, we’ll make others more positive and we will experience inner peace – as God intended it.

Titus 3:1-2

Do you often make trouble?
How can you make someone else’s day more positive today?
For whom do you have to do it?

Lord, I so often hide my own mistakes and blow up other people’s mistakes. I’m sorry about that. Please help me today to look past the negative and to see the positive in others. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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