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Done what was expected

Do you know what God expects of you? Do you know what God would like you to do? Or in Bible language: What is your calling? Why are you here on earth?

It’s important to know this, because how will we be able to live our calling in the world if we don’t know what it is? How will we be able to empower and equip ourselves if we don’t even know what God wants to use us for?

Again, Paul sets the example for how this is done: 10You saw with your own eyes how discreet and courteous we were among you, with keen sensitivity to you as fellow believers. And God knows we weren’t freeloaders! You experienced it all firsthand. 

I wish that one day I will be able to say that I’ve done exactly what God had expected of me and that I lived my calling. Like this modern version of Paul and his friends as told by my friend Piet from far away in the east of Ukraine:

About two months ago I had the privilege to visit a small faith community in a rural village not so far from the war zone in eastern Ukraine. There was less than thirty people in attendance on the Sunday and as far as I could understand that included the whole church, except for one lady who was ill.

I was impressed. Not by their worship, the finer points about their theology or the beauty of their utilitarian meeting place. It may have been possible for a nitpicker to find fault with all of these, but instead I was impressed by how the Lord uses this small community in serving the needs of brothers and sisters in the war zone.

Every two weeks the pastor would take a big van filled with groceries, medicine and fresh bread and deliver it to isolated groups of people that could not afford to flee the war, like many others did. Practical help and spiritual encouragement! They know what is needed most. On the pictures I saw old and young in tears – God has provided!

That already is a good testimony, but what impressed me most was that everyone in the church was involved in some way. Some of the goods came from far away and was channeled through this small group. Other stuff had to be bought locally with money, collected amongst themselves as well as donations from elsewhere.

Everybody helped with sorting and packing and planning. It reminded me of the parable of the mustard seed and the leaven in the dough. The smallest, most insignificant group of people having a big effect in the Kingdom.

That impressed me: Nobody too insignificant to be involved and no faith community too small to have a major impact.

The body of Christ in action!

Each of them did what was expected of him or her. They lived their calling in their own way and made an enormous difference in the lives of many people.

May someone one day also tell stories about the way you and I lived our calling, and may we also make such a huge difference wherever we go.


1 Thessalonians 2:5-12


What is your calling?

Are you doing what is expected of you?

Where can you go and make a difference?


Father, You’ve been talking to me about my calling a lot now, and I often get stuck at the beginning, not really knowing where to start. Please help me and open my eyes so that I can do what You ask of me. Amen.

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