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Do what fits

When you visit another country, you soon notice how people differ. In Israel, I soon noticed the differences in the way they drive. You won’t believe it, but almost no Israeli uses an indicator.

Only the tourists and a bus driver here and there use indicators. But they do use their horns super much. Let me explain this using their traffic lights as an example.

Their orange traffic lights are more active than ours. It flashes before the red light appears and then again after the red light to warn that the green light is on its way.

If the orange light appears before the green light and you haven’t started driving yet, the driver of ten cars behind you starts honking his horn. Then the other nine cars start hooting too. It was quite different to drive there and do it on the other side of the road as well.

Still, their traffic works. Somehow, they work out where the guy going around the circle is going. Then they simply slip in, even if it’s just a small gap. Being decent and letting someone else go first doesn’t work there. I soon learned that when you are in Israel, you have to pay attention to how they drive, close your eyes, and go.

I will recognise an Israeli from a mile away by their way of driving. This is how one can identify Christians too. There are certain things we do that fit us and certain things we shouldn’t do that don’t fit us.

One of the first things we learn when we move from the old to the new person is to get rid of the things of the old person. It’s actually obvious because the things of the old person do not fit the new person.

1So clean house! Make a clean sweep of malice and pretence, envy and hurtful talk.

It sounds easy, but it’s not. It’s as if the wrong things become such a part of you that it’s hard to dig them out. Things are often so intertwined that you don’t even know what should go and what should stay. And taking out the wrong things makes it bleed and it hurts.

The hurt often helps to get the crooked stuff out.

And when you finally get it out with a lot of effort and pain, it often comes back with more bad stuff. The fight gets worse and worse and it makes you very tired. It remains a constant struggle.

Still, we mustn’t give up. We must constantly check where we have allowed ourselves to do things that are not completely in line with God’s prescriptions. Then we have to make plans to get rid of it.

Let’s make sure that we are 100% honest in everything we do and say and weed out everything that does not belong to us who are children of God. Let’s do things that fit so that people can recognise us from a mile away and know that we are children of God.

1 Peter 2:1-8

What sin is still hiding in you?
How can you get rid of it?
Who can you ask to help you?

Father, I know that there are places where I am not recognised as Your child. There are things I still do that don’t fit. Please help me to get rid of it. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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