God's word in today's world

Do not argue

You probably find this everywhere – those who are fanatical about God, but who actually end up being completely mistaken. These people often criticize children of the Lord who in their own way really try to live within God’s will.

If you don’t believe or do as they do, you have little chance to get to heaven. And sometimes we allow ourselves to be influenced by their way of doing things and then we feel bad for not believing or doing the way they do. This may eventually cause disagreement and strife among people, even between husband and wife and other family members.

Isn’t such a result in fact an indication that something is not right?

What can you do? Obviously, you shouldn’t become involved in the argument. It won’t get you anywhere. On the contrary, arguing takes you away from the Lord.

Listen to what Paul says to Timothy: 4Apparently some people have been introducing fantasy stories and fanciful family trees that digress into silliness instead of pulling the people back into the center, deepening faith and obedience.

Just listen! Stop wondering about these people’s stories and rather do God’s work. Stop issuing instructions and rather let people see who you believe in through the way you act.

Every one of us has to do this in his or her own way, the way God calls us to. Like Karen (not her real name):

I’m trying to say: “May God bless you” in all our official languages. Many Zimbabweans are streaming into our region here in Limpopo. Like all over our country, they fear for their safety among the local people.

What a pleasure to greet these people in their own language, Shona, and say: “Mwari aku komberere”, which literally means: May God cover you in his big blanket.

By learning just one sentence in another language, Karen is making a difference in other people’s lives and doing God’s work.

Or like Eduard:

Thursdays are refuse removal days and every Thursday, the same person waits by the gate. I now prepare a package of fruit and food for him.

Ordinary stories of people who try to do God’s work. God is always looking for places to show his love. God is looking for places to surprise people. The fact is that God wants to use you to do it. May you be available to be used by Him.


1 Timothy 1:3-7


Do you sometimes argue unnecessarily?

Do you do God’s work?

Do you contribute to improving unity among believers?


Father, I know deep inside that You’ve given me many talents. I also know that I use them far too little. Please open my eyes so that I can see the places where You want to surprise others and help me do Your work there. Amen.

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