God's word in today's world

Desperate for goodness and peace

I received a confused e-mail from a woman:

Gerjo Ben, you sent an e-mail to my husband. He took his own life this morning.

Did he say anything to you? I have so many questions. He loved the Lord passionately and lived it too. Please, anything would be of help to me.

Just after that, an urgent request came through our prayer network:

Pray that I don’t take my own life.

I managed to reach his work via his e-mail address and then traced his cell phone number. I phoned immediately: “Are you OK?” It’s not a good time to talk. So, I write an e-mail later on. The reply is brief:

I will follow your advice.

I don’t know if we realise how bad the pressure is out there. I don’t know if we realise how many people see no light. People who really cannot take another step. People to whom you cannot just give a verse, because that plaster is simply too small to cover the big hole in their lives.

People are fragile and hurt and alone, and there is no peace. We stagger under the heavy burden we have to bear. Some decide to put an end to everything. The result is a road of destruction for the ones left behind.

Sometimes I’m afraid to say anything, because the scripture might really be too small. But where else can we find help? God alone can help. Only He can help us push through the storms. He alone can help us until the waters subside.

Therefore, I pray with everything in me and appeal to God’s angels to help bless the prayer and to make blessings come true in your life: 2Our God gives you everything you need, makes you everything you’re to be.

Yes, may God’s goodness flow over you. We need it every day! Here where we are confronted by bad things happening around every corner – people being killed on their farms just like that; others whose life savings are stolen by selfish, greedy conmen; spouses who hurt one another, who throw the other one away for a new partner.

Our whole being longs for God’s goodness. May this become a reality in your life. May God help remove the bad things from your life so that there is space for all his goodness and so that the sun can shine on you again.

But even more than that – may God’s peace, that peace that is beyond our understanding, take complete possession of your being. May it drive away the strife that so often comes into our lives.

May the grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Now!


2 Thessalonians 1:1-2


Do you have peace?

Or are you filled with storms?

Do you believe that God can make a difference?


Lord, we need Your goodness so much. We need your peace – a lot of it. We long for it with each breath we take. Let it soon come true in our lives. Amen.

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