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Communion reminds me

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

A woman sent me an e-mail. She’s fed-up with her teenagers questioning everything. Is the Bible true? Did Jesus really live here on earth? Do these things still apply today?

We’re all faced with a bunch of questions at one time or another and it’s a good thing, because we have to make sure that what we believe in is not just another fairy tale. Fortunately, the Gospel withstood the test of time and is accessible to everyone. One of the reasons why the amazing message of salvation has never faded is because people can hear and experience it through communion again and again.

Communion is a wonderful tool that God gave us to remind us of what Jesus had done for us. God certainly knew that we would forget and that His deed would get lost in the passing of the centuries. Therefore, He introduced this particularly practical tradition for us so that we can still remember today, 2 000 years later.

When the bread is broken into pieces we remember that Jesus walked the dusty streets and touched the needy, the hungry and the thirsty, those ill in body and spirit, the prostitutes and the thieves. And it was for them that nails were driven through His hands and feet to hang Him on the cross until He died.

And this is what thrust open the gates of heaven, never ever to close again. For the people of that time and for now. Jesus’ body is broken into pieces for you, to give you the chance to walk into heaven. The bread that is broken invites you to come inside. Like the crumbs that fall on the ground where the birds peck it up, you get eternal life just like that – because you believe in the bread, in the cross, in Jesus’ body that was broken into pieces for you.

24… The Master, Jesus, on the night of his betrayal, took bread. Having given thanks, he broke it and said, “This is my body, broken for you. Do this to remember me.”

The wine pouring from the cup into the glass reminds us how Jesus’ blood flowed when the crown of thorns pierced the skin on His head. The blood flowed from His wounds where the whip struck again and again, pulling pieces of flesh from His body. Blood trickled from the places where the iron pierced His hands and feet.

For you and me He was humiliated to death. Jesus’ blood unlocked the door of heaven. Now there is nothing between God and His children. There is a new contract, a new agreement that says: Believe in Me and you are welcome in My house. My door is wide open just for you!

This was made possible through Jesus’ blood.

25After supper, he did the same thing with the cup: “This cup is my blood, my new covenant with you. Each time you drink this cup, remember me.”

When we celebrate this meal it reminds us of what Jesus had done for us on the cross. It was God’s plan to give us another chance for eternal life. It is the salvation plan that saves us from the devil’s claws and from death. Now we can live with hope again, hope for a new world where we can live for ever in love.

Let’s take this amazing, liberating message to the world out there. Let the people with question marks behind their words get the answer from us and let them hear that Jesus’s body was broken for them as well and that His blood flowed to bear the punishment for their sins.

God loves you so very much. That is why His Son’s blood flowed and His body was broken – so that you can have the privilege to LIVE!

Live a life like that today!


What does the bread mean to you?

What does the wine mean to you?

Where can you live such a life?


Our Father in heaven, thank you for the reminder through communion. Thank you that You allowed people to break your Son’s body. Thank you that your Son’s blood flowed – all of that so that we who believe in You can have eternal life. Thank you for Your love without end. Amen

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