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Coffee for Christmas

Phew, we are coming to the end of the year and here we have the last Crossroad for the year. Although 2016 was a busy one with more than its share of challenges, lots of good news also came our way.

Some time ago we told the story of a coffee shop in Europe where people not only ordered a coffee for themselves, but also “one on the wall”. The order on the wall was intended for the less privileged who could not afford a cup of hot coffee. They could then come in and order a free cup from the wall and enjoy it with dignity.

In response to the coffee story I received the following e-mail from a retired principal from Stilbaai:

Yes, Gerjo Ben, coffee can make a difference.

About a year ago when I went fishing with the children from Melkhoutfontein, I did not finish the coffee I had with me. So I gave one of the kids a sip of coffee.

“But Oubie, this is real coffee! Could Oubie bring us some coffee instead of Coke?”

This morning as I made the coffee in the 3-litre flask, I didn’t have enough sugar, so I took along a can of condensed milk. I also used my wife’s special chocolate-flavoured coffee beans and off we went!

Before long a soft rain came down and the wind started blowing. On with the black bags to keep off the rain and everyone took out his own mug to drink hot coffee to keep out the chill!

It takes so little to make things easier and better for less privileged people!

That day we caught 25 fish, nearly got wet from the rain, drank good coffee, gave each child a hamburger, and because we were having a Peace meal for 1 200 people in Melkhoutfontein the next day, we gave each of the four children a ticket to the meal as well.

BUT on that cold day it was the coffee that showered the children with Jesus’ warm love, sent them home in love, with the knowledge that Jesus’ love is only an arm’s length away from all of us – I could see that on their faces!

Will I be doing another something special in future? FOR SURE!

In this festive time may you and I look for places to create a few coffee makes a difference moments, like this retired principal. Remember: Jesus’ love is is only an arm’s length away from all of us!

I would like to bless you with the following: May the grace of our Almighty God and the love of Jesus and the close proximity of his Holy Spirit be with you everywhere, and there where you are changing lives with a coffee makes a difference moment too. Amen

Until we meet again in 2017, DV.

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