God's word in today's world

To charge flat batteries

Philippians 4:10-20

One thing that realy irritates me is when I sit down on the couch, pick up the remote to switch on the TV, and nothing happens when I press the buttons. Usually I then push them even harder, as if I want to push them right through the remote, but nothing happens …. Then, when I turn over the remote and open the cover of the battery compartment, there’s only emptiness where the batteries should be.

Then my roar thunders through the house: Who’s taken the remote’s batteries? And a soft voice answers: It’s me, Daddy. The battery in my mouse was flat.

I’ve even bought a whole packet of rechargeable batteries, but the other problem is that nobody puts the flat batteries in the charger…

I suspect that our struggles in the world have something to do with our batteries that are gone or not charged. We struggle to deal with the stress of the world. We struggle to keep our relationships going. Our poor finances drive us up the wall.

Everybody drains my energy and it’s only me who arrives home exhausted, falls down on the nearest couch and has no strength for anything. When the first child comes around the corner asking what we’re eating I don’t even have the strength to pick up a cushion to throw at him.

We have no energy. Our batteries are flat, some have packed up completely, some have simply fallen out.

Paul has advice for us. Paul knew about suffering. He knew about circumstances that drain a lot of energy. Especially the difficult times in jail, with his life constantly in danger, where he had little or no food to eat, and had to withstand the physical and verbal abuse of the soldiers (and church!). He had to find strength somewhere. Somewhere he had to recharge his batteries to be able to get up again tomorrow.

This is his secret: 13Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.

Paul realized something: He would never have made it using his own power. He simply had too little power to charge his batteries. By his own power he would never have gotten through the day. It is Jesus alone who could charge his batteries enough so that he could get through the day.

It is actually quite easy to understand. When the remote’s batteries no longer work they have to be placed in the charger to get powered up again. After being charged for a few hours, the batteries have enough power to work for a long time.

Why do we try and take on the world out there under our own steam? We must realize that we have too little power to do it and that we’ll turn flat sometime.

Maybe it’s time that we realize that we simply do not have enough power to live life. Maybe we should realize that we need reinforcements. Maybe it’s time to go back to God so that He can recharge our batteries.

Maybe this is the solution to your problems?


What do your energy levels look like?

What drains your energy?

Do you get your strength from God?


Father, at times my strength is exhausted. Times when I feel so drained that I could sleep for a week. I realize it’s so stupid to tackle the world by my own strength. I realize that I can only get through the day with your power. Please help me, Lord, to get my strength from You every day. Amen

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