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Buckets full of gratitude

Statistics show that many businesses passed from generation to generation often fail in the third generation. Usually the father started with nothing, and founded a big business through hard work. The son learned from his father and knew where things came from. Unfortunately, the grandson no longer sees this picture, and believes he is entitled to all the money. That is exactly where he fails and often the business fails with him.

I taught my children that it is a privilege to inherit and not a right. When you realise that, you don’t behave like an entitled person, and if you do inherit something one day, it fills you with joy.

We are all Jesus’ heirs. We received our inheritance the day Jesus died on the cross for our sin. We don’t have to work for it. Never! Jesus paid for it with His blood. Therefore, when God looks at us, He looks at us through Jesus and our sins are no longer part of the picture.

What an awesome inheritance we received!

And our inheritance doesn’t end there. As a part of it, we also receive eternal life. We will never have to go and please explain why our works here on earth should pay for our entry ticket to heaven. No more weighing and found to be too light.

The calculations were done and everything adds up, because Jesus has paid the bill for us. We have received an unshakable kingdom. It cannot fail. Nobody can make a wrong decision that will cause the business to collapse. It is more stable than being cast in iron.

So, what does this mean for you? You inherit a lot. You inherit a never-ending life. Will you be like the second generation that realise what it is all about, and do your best to live a life that fits your inheritance, or are you going to act like the next generation and think you are entitled to it?

Well, this applies to all of us: 28Do you see what we’ve got? An unshakable kingdom! And do you see how thankful we must be? Not only thankful, but brimming with worship, deeply reverent before God.

We must overflow like a bucket under a dripping tap. We must be filled with so much gratitude that our gratitude overflows to the people standing next to our bucket. Our family members, colleagues, and friends. All of them must be served by the gratitude flowing from us.

I suspect this is not the first time that you hear this message. Maybe now is the time to think about your way of walking through life. Maybe the carrot you’re holding out before you shouldn’t be the house or the car or man-made dreams. Maybe it should indeed be eternal life. Then your actions should reflect your gratitude and fill other people’s buckets so that they may bless others.

Hebrews 12:28-29

Do others see eternal life through you?
How can they see it?
How do you have to live differently?

Our Father in heaven, thank you that my place has been prepared. Thank you that I don’t have to work for my inheritance. Please help me life it so that others will want it too. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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