God's word in today's world

Bless the wilted flowers

Things are hard in the world out there. Each of us has our own story to tell. Some have it really hard, like Christie (not her real name):

You try so hard to keep to the right road – I know one shouldn’t ask questions – although we don’t know the reasons why right now, one day we’ll understand.

But how do you remain positive after so many setbacks:

      • We had to move to a smaller house – we are now staying in a two-bedroomed house.
      • September last year, we found out that we’re pregnant – felt very low at first, but realised we can make it – the Lord won’t send something your way if you weren’t able to handle it.
      • My mother-in-law died in October – she was so good to us – what an enormous shock this was!
      • In December, our car was stolen outside a shopping mall.
      • In January, our home was burgled – they took so many things – the TV, X-box – the children’s tablets and blue tooth earphones from Christmas. All my jewelry and that of my daughter. Even full packets of nappies.

Again, a huge financial setback – extra expense to get a new car – extra expense to replace the door and all the locks – you feel so unsafe in your own home.

We are so familiar with Christie’s hardship; we’ve experienced one or more. It’s as if things are getting worse. You become discouraged. You don’t want to go on any more.

I post a simple picture on Facebook of a flower growing in the desert with the words: “God planted you: Flower right there.” Many comments follow. These three touched me deeply:

  • My motto every day was flower where you’re planted … My flower died … I’m tired.
  • I think my flower has died; I’m tired of living. I can’t go on like this.
  • My flower has wilted, I’m dead tired.

Many of us are wilted flowers.

What can you say?

I came and sat down at my desk for a devotional and when I read the scripture of the day, I got the answer. Yes, we have to pray. We have to intercede for one another, because some days some people can’t even pray. Days when they feel their prayers get no further than the ceiling. But we have to do more. We have to bless one another.

Like Paul: 2… May God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord shower you with his kindness, mercy, and peace. (The Living Bible)

It’s as if we are empowered to save people from their precarious situations. In God and Jesus’ loving arms we can flower again, and be calm and at peace.

Therefore, let’s continuously pray the Lord’s blessing over all those that we love and all others who are suffering. So, I will pray it for you now 2… May God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord shower you with his kindness, mercy, and peace.

2 Timothy 1:1-2

What does your flower look like?
What do people say your flower looks like?
How can you make a practical difference today?

Lord, open my eyes to the wilted flowers that You send my way. Bless me so that I can bless them. Amen.

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