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Best wishes for the new year.

Best wishes for the new year. I hope that 2023 will be a very good year and that you will experience our Heavenly Father’s favour all the way.

Therefore, I want to bless you from my heart with this benediction from the early church:

The Lord goes before you to lead you.
The Lord goes beside you to befriend you.
The Lord goes behind you to conquer the enemy.
The Lord goes beneath you to support you when you’re weak and to help you up when you fall.
The Lord surrounds you to protect you.
The Lord goes above you to watch over you.
The Lord is within you to give you peace, because He leads you through His Holy Spirit.
The Lord is for you, because Jesus intercedes for you.
May the blessing of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be upon you, from now until eternity.

By the end of December, may you look back on your year and say: Yes, truly, God was with me all the way!

Often we meet people who are surprised at all the places where Crossroad is planting seed. So, I will mention them quickly here. Maybe you want to receive some too. Remember, everything is available for FREE and, apart from the Sunday services, available in English as well.

Bible studies are distributed three times per week via email, WhatsApp and social media. We walk through the Bible verse by verse. At this stage, we are studying Hebrews.

Spiritual audio/soundbites (4 minutes) to encourage you to face the world out there. Also three times per week via WhatsApp.

Kruispad247TV online services A new service is broadcasted on YouTube and Facebook every Sunday at 09:00 where God’s Word is preached using today’s language.
It is unique in the sense that the context clarifies the scripture and leads the viewer or listener to live closer to the Father. It can also be sent to listeners as a soundbite on their phones. All previous videos are available on our YouTube channel Kruispad247TV.

Website and App All of the above and previous Bible studies, audios, sermons and more are available at crossroad.247.org.za. Download the App on your phone and everything is available at the press of a button. Type crossroad247 in your AppStore and choose Afrikaans/English when it opens.

Books Daily devotionals and Bible study books are available in our online bookstore, kruispadboeke.com.

Many people need spiritual encouragement. So many are hungry and thirsty for the Word of God. Please help us get the seed in the soil. Send this information to as many people as the Spirit guides you. In that way, you can really make a difference in other people’s lives or even save a life.

I look forward to journeying through this year with you. May we all reach the end and call out: God was with us everywhere!

Go well!

Gerjo Ben

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