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Believe it: God is a road builder

I saw a cartoon of Moses and his friend fishing in the river. Moses’ line is quite deep in the water, but the stream had dammed up where his friend had thrown in his line, and it was now on a strip of dry land. Moses’ friend looked at him and said: “That’s not funny, Moses!”.

We’re quick to joke about a situation.

But I do think it was not that easy for Moses to stand at the edge of the sea with the pharaoh’s whole army at their backs. The Israelites had no weapons to fight the Egyptian soldiers. They were caught between the sea and the army, and had no escape.

The only way out was through the water. When God told him that that was the road they had to take, Moses must’ve wondered if he had heard right. Thoughts like “Are You serious, Lord? This is the sea, not a river, and we are millions of people. We have no boats or anything. How will we ever do it?” must’ve run through his mind for a millisecond.

We also know that the Israelites weren’t an easy people. Thousands of them were quite stubborn and did not hesitate to offer their opinions. “Moses, what are you thinking? Are you serious? Must we all swim over to the other side? This is madness. Have you ever heard of a whole nation swimming over the sea? This is the beginning of the end. We should never have left Egypt.” And they must’ve continued commenting on Moses’ new plan.

But Moses did not allow this to turn him aside from his course. God made miracles happen to free them from slavery. Why wouldn’t He do another one now? Moses kept believing that God would also do the impossible here.

And God did. 29By an act of faith, Israel walked through the Red Sea on dry ground. The Egyptians tried it and drowned.

This is part of who God is. God is indeed God because He does things like this. God make roads where there are no roads. Even if it takes a miracle, God will keep His word and ensure a solution. Nothing is too much for Him. Even if He has to build a road some kilometres long, that is what He will do.

We just have to believe it.

Maybe you’re stuck in a corner right now. Maybe there are no signs of a solution. It is indeed in times like these that we have to look back at our lives and see the places where God has helped and saved us. We must page through His Word and read about the thousands of instances where He has provided a solution for people in need.

God still does that today. He builds bridges. He opens doors. And where a door is shut, there is most probably an open window through which we should climb. Stop. Listen to God. Put out your hand. God will build you a road. Just believe it!

Hebrews 11:20-31

Where are you stuck right now?
How big is your crisis?
Do you believe that God has a solution for you?

Father, I need You to build me a road. I am tired and I see no solution. I believe You can help me. Please help me now. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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