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Believe in God’s power – make it part of you

When I look around me, I don’t see much of God’s power. Instead I see other, stronger powers overpowering people and I ask myself: Why don’t I see more of God’s power in the world? Why do I only see confused people, people who do not stick it out? Was this verse only meant for people 2 000 years ago? 11We pray that you’ll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul—not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives. It is strength that endures the unendurable …

God didn’t change; his power is exactly the same as it was then. I suspect the fault lies with us. God’s power is no longer part of us, because we no longer believe that it can still work in us today and, even worse, we don’t get the power from God.

Just like Peter we struggle to believe that God is almighty and can do miracles. Even today.

Just think how power-less the Gospel would’ve been if God’s power hadn’t empowered Jesus to break through death. Just think how power-less the apostles’ ministry would’ve been. And Peter was the biggest culprit. His faith prevented him from looking past the circumstances and he was on his way to a power-less ministry.

A friend told me how Peter’s story is described in one of the Apocryphal books:

After Pentecost, Jesus’ followers were badly persecuted. Peter plotted to flee from the city to safety. Creeping away, he unexpectedly met Jesus carrying his cross on his shoulder. Dazed and confused he asked: “Lord, what now? You have ascended?” And Jesus said: “Yes, Peter, but you don’t seem to believe. Now I have to be crucified again so that you may believe.”

The apostles could tap into the power of God that had raised Jesus from the dead and for sure it was visible in their ministry. The good news is that we can still tap into it today. But because we don’t trust in it and don’t believe in it, it is not always a reality and we cannot grab it and make it part of our lives. Just the opposite! It’s as if we let go of the power so that “Jesus has to be crucified again and again.”

We can tap into God’s power, it’s available to us. This we must believe whole-heartedly. When we struggle to get through the hard parts of life, when the mountain in our way looks way too high – that is where you and me can tap into God’s power, if we believe in it and ask for it.

It’s sort of like Superman. Without his red and blue suit, he is kind of a nerd and can’t do much. But as soon as he puts on that suit, he can carry the whole world on his shoulders and has more than enough power to wipe any crook off the face of the earth.

Let’s go and be quiet with God. Let’s glorify and thank Him for being an almighty God. A God who cares and does not hesitate to help his children. Let’s confess our lack of faith. May God be merciful and forgive our shortcomings, and even more, may He open our eyes and let his power work through us. May others be changed because God’s power is working through us.


Colossians 1:1-8


Do you sometimes grow impatient and discouraged?

Do you believe that God’s power can work in and through you?

Do others experience God’s power in your life?


Lord, I must confess that I do not always experience your power in me. That is probably why I sometimes feel so impatient and discouraged. I long for your power to become my power too so that I need not become discouraged. Amen.

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