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Asked to be hands and feet

20Oh, Timothy, don’t fail to do these things that God entrusted to you (The Living Bible).

Do you know what God asks you to do? Do you know what you have to do for God? Yes, we know God has given each of us gifts. We know that He wants to use some of these gifts in his Kingdom. We know He wants to use you and me as his hands and feet.

We also know that He has given each of us a gift to those people caught in the deep and dark holes of the world. We know all this. But do we really know what God expects of us in the day ahead? When God calls us, are we sensitive enough to know exactly what to do and then do it?

To be honest, I don’t know if I hear every time and start doing. Not that it’s a voice I hear from nowhere every time and I’m pulled to a stop and get step-by-step instructions. No, in a way it’s a lifestyle where most things simply flow from our normal way of living life.

But we can so easily waste our time on other things than what God expects. We’re tempted away from God’s things by lingering and wasting time. We must certainly guard against this. Soon it may be too late. Therefore, it will be good to plan where we can go and make a difference.

It will be good to go and sit with God and ask him to put people and things to do in your thoughts so that you can start hearing where He wants to work through you. Also ask God to help you put this into action.

Therefore, guard against being enticed away from God’s will for your life. Heed this warning: 20 … Keep out of foolish arguments with those who boast of their “knowledge” and thus prove their lack of it. 21Some of these people have missed the most important thing in life—they don’t know God. Some people believe you don’t have to ask forgiveness for your sin. You don’t have to repent of your sin. Jesus has already forgiven. And these people are very serious about what they believe and want to convince others all over the place to also believe the way they do. It takes a lot of time. No, actually they’re wasting time, also of those they talk to about what they believe. Personally, I believe if I understand 1 John 1: 9 correctly, that when I’m confessing my sin God is faithful and just in forgiving everything.

And I see that I’ve been caught in the trap again, because I’ve already used the time to write one paragraph to tell the story of a bunch of people who wants to confuse us with their arguments. In a way, it takes us further away from God.

Just stop all that stupid arguing about “I believe this, you believe that”. Rather, take hands and do what God expects us to do. So, hand in hand, while we’re making a difference in God’s Kingdom, we walk closer to Him, and not further away. May God protect and help us to do something practical for a change!

And so, as we grow quiet, we come to the end of Paul’s first letter to Timothy.

1 Timothy 6:20-21

Who does God put in your thoughts?
What must you do?
Where are you wasting time unnecessarily?

Lord, thank you for the good advice in your Word. I don’t want to waste my time with foolish chatting. I want to use my time to do the things that makes You happy. Amen.

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