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Are you a tickey box man?

Paul really cared for the people of Galatia. He is concerned about them, like a mother. He will not stop nagging them until they return from the bad side. He longs for them to stay within God’s will. 19Do you know how I feel right now, and will feel until Christ’s life becomes visible in your lives? Like a mother in the pain of childbirth. 

This is exactly what God feels about each of us. God will also do anything. Listen to Koos’ remarkable story:

Years ago my wife and I had many problems. One day I could take no more and decided to leave.

On my way I decided to call my friend who stayed at Olifantshoek. He was a pastor and I wanted to find out if I could go to him. And so, at three o’ clock in the morning at a tickey box in Olifantshoek I found a man. And he said to me: If you’re driving back, I just want to hear if you can give me a lift. Well, I didn’t respond very nicely, because he could see I was on my way somewhere.

My pastor friend refused to take me in and objected to me leaving my wife and children. So I decided to go. After driving for a while things started getting messed up in my head and I decided to turn back. I was already past Olifantshoek when I remembered the man at the tickey box. Shudders ran through my body. Feeling mad, I turned around and there was the man. In the motor he started speaking in languages. Angrily, I stopped to drop him off and this is the story of what happened then.

He said to me: Mister, the Lord woke me this morning and said I had to go to that tickey box. He would send somebody to me. So he waited there for me. He was actually busy with a series of sermons in Olifantshoek, but at that moment he became Jesus for me.

But that was not the end.  Months later I decided to take my own life.

In hospital I woke up and saw that same man from the tickey box standing by my bed. He said God had sent him to me again to pray for me.

Now years later I’m very happily married. I have two lovely boys and our first grandchild was born last week. So beautiful.

We serve the Lord completely. I’m still friends with the pastor where I wanted to hide out, but I never found out who the man from the tickey box was. I never saw him again.

Our God delights in man, even though you are a lost soul down on the ground.

How moving. “Our God delights in man, even though you are a lost soul down on the ground.” God will even send strangers our way so that we can return to Him.

Sometimes God uses people like Paul who feels pain when people get lost. Sometimes God uses people like the tickey box man. Koos’ life was spared and today he lives to tell his story.

Sometimes God uses ordinary people like us to make a difference in the lives of others. Sometimes God uses ordinary people like us to prevent others from taking their lives.

The question is whether you are available to be a tickey box man. Are you sensitive to hear God calling you to go and wait for others at a tickey box? It is a matter of life and death. Do we hear the loved ones around us calling for help? Do we see the need in our colleagues’ eyes? Do we also feel the pain of childbirth if we see people around us getting lost?

May we be available to be the tickey box man for God.

Galatians 4:8-20


Are you also heart sore about lost people?

Are you available to help?

Where can you start being the tickey box man?



Father, your heart breaks for every lost soul. I receive so much from You. Yes, I received real life. Out of gratitude I want to help others get to You. Please show me where they are. Please make me sensitive to your voice so that I can hear when I have to go and wait by the tickey box. Amen

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