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Appointed by God

In the Old Testament we read about Moses who was not too comfortable with his appointment as the person who had to lead God’s people from slavery. I suspect he was just being practical, because he knew it would involve lots of negotiating with the Pharaoh and he had this cardinal fault.

He had a speech problem. He struggled to string more than two words together fluently. In a way, it was easier to hide behind his struggle.

God didn’t accept Moses’ smoke screen and made a plan. He appointed Moses’ elder brother, Aaron, as his spokesperson and as high priest. They became a formidable team that achieved a lot.

God calls people for specific tasks. Most of the time their gifts are a good indication of how God will be using them.

People often say they don’t really know what their gifts are. Then I usually say it’s that thing that you do that you really enjoy doing. That thing you do that’s no trouble, but rather gives you energy. You will get up at any time of the night or day when someone asks you to do what you’re good at.

And it is mostly within this energising behaviour that God calls you in the world. You see, there are people who don’t have these skills or lack something. You have loads of it and all that God wants to do now is to meet that need with your talents.

So, mankind fell completely short. Mankind was so overcome by sin that they totally lost the way. And because they couldn’t do anything about it, their final destination didn’t look so rosy.

Someone was needed to rescue mankind from this huge mess. God had to make a plan and that’s why He called Jesus to come and help mankind with all his gifts.

As God called Aaron, He called Jesus to become the highest High Priest: 4No one elects himself to this honored position. He’s called to it by God, as Aaron was. 5Neither did Christ presume to set himself up as high priest, but was set apart by the One who said to him, “You’re my Son; today I celebrate you!” 6In another place God declares, “You’re a priest forever in the royal order of Melchizedek.”

God chooses. God calls. God appoints. God has a solution to every problem. If there is a vacant post, the successor is already standing in line. That’s God’s work. He calls people and appoints them to fill the gaps.

However, many people are like Moses and pull out a bag filled with excuses. That’s why God got a bit irritated with Moses’ excuses.

Many, many people suffer because many of God’s children have too many excuses and do not realise that they have been selected and appointed by the heavenly God. I hope you’re not one of them.

Let’s just slow down, put our hand up and say: “Lord, here I am, use me. You’ve appointed me to go and make a difference on earth. I am going. Please give me the strength.”

Hebrews 5:4-6

What energises you?
What are your talents?
Where do you have to use them?

Lord, here I am, use me. You’ve appointed me to go and make a difference on earth. I am going. Please give me the strength. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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