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Another list for God

Have you made progress with your previous list? Let’s quickly read it again.

And here’s another one, referring to the conduct of deacons and women. Who are normally the deacons? The men and women working in the church – all of those who believe in Jesus. All of us should work in the church. That’s why this list applies to all of us. Let’s see what is on this list of do’s and don’ts:

  • You must earn the respect of others.
  • People must be able to depend on you.
  • Do not allow alcohol to be your master.
  • Do not try to make dishonest profit.
  • God’s truths must be your foundation.
  • You must be sincere.
  • Your conscious must be clean.
  • You shouldn’t gossip.
  • You shouldn’t squander your money.
  • You must remain faithful to your spouse.
  • You must be a good spouse to your wife or husband and children.

What is Paul trying to do with this list?

Let’s start with what he is not trying to do. I don’t think Paul is trying to use this list to box us in and take away our freedom. He is also not attempting to burden us with rules and regulations that we have to carry with us. He is also not busy creating space for us to be punished every now and then. If that was his objective, Jesus’ death on the cross was not worth it.

One should never forget who Paul was writing to. Those people didn’t know how a child of God should be living. It was a new way of living they were completely unfamiliar with. And that’s why Paul is advising Timothy how he and the people of Ephesus should act. He is describing a lifestyle that they should strive for.

There is no punishment included in this verse. No, this is much more a “How to live life to the fullest” guide. It is not trying to discourage you, but rather tries to motivate you to reach the dream that God has for you.

This is something that we can strive for, not because we are afraid, but because we are grateful for what God has done for us. Then I want to, no, I need to go all out to obey these guidelines.

I know I won’t always achieve 10 out of 10, but that’s fine, because at least I have given it my best and that is what God sees.

We want to do it, because we believe in Jesus. Make a point of trying this.


1 Timothy 3:8-13

Think about this

How did you feel going through the list?
How are you feeling about it now?
What do you think God is talking to you about?


Jesus, Paul’s guidelines are not intended for deacons only, but also for each of your children that You have chosen to serve and support others. Yes, Lord, each of us. Please help me strive to obey these guidelines because of my gratitude for what You have done for me on the cross. Amen.

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