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An example of faith

When I’m struggling because some hardship has befallen me, I’m tempted to ask why and I want to cover myself in sackcloth and ashes. I first look around and see that many people are much worse off than I am. They even manage to smile and their faith keeps them going.

Leon (not his real name) sent me this email:

Our little house burned down last Sunday with everything in it. There is nothing left. Of course, we had no insurance, because we trusted that nothing would happen. Now it looks like burglary and arson happened.

Of course, we ask why, why us, why did it happen, and so on, but there are no answers. People talk, make suggestions, are sympathetic, try to cheer us up, but nothing really helps.

At the end of the day, the two of us sit with the pain. There is only one way and that is for us to trust in GOD. That’s the answer actually.

When I read emails like this, I always wonder what I would’ve done in a similar situation. I wonder if I would also have said: “There is only one way and that is to trust in God.”

Leon and his wife are left with many questions. The answers aren’t coming, but amid all the question marks they’re left with, they trust (blindly) in God. They understand something about gold that needs to be heated to get rid of all the dirt.

Yet this is exactly what is expected of us who are children of God. 7When Jesus wraps this all up, it’s your faith, not your gold, that God will have on display as evidence of His victory.

What would people say about me if Jesus suddenly showed up here tomorrow? What would people have to say about your faith? We wonder if Jesus would say: “Boys, well done! Your faith has stood the test of time.”

Sometimes I feel ashamed because my faith is wavering. Sometimes I don’t even want to look in the mirror when I know my faith has failed again. But then I get up, I lift my head, and say: Let’s try again.

I realise all too well that we’re humans who make mistakes. And that’s fine. My pal always says it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. We’re not always in control. We don’t always have the right responses to the challenges and then our faith seems to fall to pieces.

As long as we get up and try again. Even if we acknowledge softly with broken words: “Jesus, even if I suffer, even if my house burns down, even if I have nothing more than a zero in my bank account, I will continue to believe in You.”

Then we can be an example to the loved ones around us. And maybe, just maybe, we can also inspire others to push through even if they are suffering.

May this be true if Jesus arrives here tomorrow.

1 Peter 1:6-9

What will people say about me if Jesus suddenly shows up here tomorrow?
What will people have to say about your faith?
Is Jesus going to look at us and say: “Boys, well done! Your faith has stood the test of time”?

Father, I believe. I believe in You, O God. I believe in Jesus, Your Son, and I believe in Your Holy Spirit. Please give me strength and wisdom to hold onto my faith, even when the going gets tough. Amen.

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