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Amazing grace

Sometimes I suffer badly from feelings of guilt. I’ve always tested the boundaries. I don’t know why, but I’ve always lived on the edge of life, and, yes, sometimes I’ve fallen over the edge, resulting in lots of pain for me and my loved ones.

I don’t feel good about it. Sometimes it depresses me so much that I wonder whether God still loves me. Is his face turned away from me, hardly bearing with me? What will be the last straw before He turns his back on me?

I wonder, do you also sometimes find yourself in such a hole?

But God doesn’t stop being involved with you and me. God will never turn his back on us. He will never look away and leave us to our own devices. There will never be a last straw if you and I are prepared to face those concerns and sort it out with God.

Why not? 14Grace mixed with faith and love poured over me and into me. And all because of Jesus. God overflows with grace. God cannot stop himself from showering us with his grace. God’s essence is grace. God’s grace is like a broad stream that never stops flowing.

The English translation helps to make the picture clearer as it talks about the grace of God that is exceedingly abundant. God’s grace is not only abundant – it exceeds the boundaries of abundance. We don’t even have a word that describes the abundance of God’s grace. God’s grace and goodness pump out through an enormous, wide pipe and it has no off button.

God knew we wouldn’t be able to live according to his will by ourselves. He knew many of us would often play too close to the edge of life. God knew that people who play so close to the edge would sometimes fall off. It is this amazing grace that draws us back to his way again and again.

Wow! Let’s sit quietly and take this in.

When this amazing grace becomes a reality in our lives, something happens. Although I cannot understand why God does it, it is impossible for me to remain unaffected. I have to share it.

God’s love and grace and goodness do not stop. Today, let’s focus on finding a place where we can share it with others. Remember: We deserve this exceeding abundant grace and love of God as little as the people around us.


1 Timothy 1:8-17


How big is God’s grace in your life?
How thankful are you?
Do others feel it?


Wow, Father, your love and grace and goodness overwhelm me. May I never stop sharing this with the people around me who deserve it as little as I do. Amen.

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