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Each of us has a calling. We should not make excuses. No, we must set the example for others by the way in which we speak as well as the way in which we do things. That is fairly obvious. But Paul helps Timothy and us by going a little further: we must show love. 12Teach believers with your life: by word, by demeanour, by love

How do you know someone loves you? How do you know your mother loves you? She says it, but even more, she does it. I can see it in my wife. She keeps on giving to our children. Her love, her time, her Kauai smoothies she earned in the gym, sacrifices, you name it. I sometimes think it is unnecessary and too much, but then she says she can’t help herself.

That is true love. Love that doesn’t look what the other one does or does not do. Love does not expect something back. On the contrary, even when the other one behaves badly towards you or spoils for a fight, love drives you to do good.

Love cannot be restricted. Love cannot be bound by rules and regulations. Love does not always make sense. Love goes where nothing else can. Love doesn’t ask questions. Love does not first make sure. Love simply goes.

That’s putting it beautifully.

But it’s easier said than done, let’s be honest. If I don’t get my way, giving and doing love is way down my list. No, it’s not even on my list. When someone hurts me, I want to get back at them rather than giving love. When I give, I want to receive, otherwise I won’t give. That’s how we’re made.

One can only walk the road to recovery if you know what your faults are. One of the faults that came with the fall was that we look inward only, seeing our own needs and what we can get from life. Our eyes look at ourselves and not the others. That is the flaw that the fall left in our lives.

We must be aware of this and consciously work on it. We were all commanded to go and live love, but we’re set up differently. That’s why we have to confess the own self every day. We must bring it before God again and again and ask his Spirit to help us overcome this flaw. We must ask God to help us turn our eyes away from ourselves and rather see the need of others.

Like a mother’s eyes see only the need of her children and wants to give all to them, we must give too. Like a mother expects nothing in return, we must not give to receive. And like a mother we must keep on sowing love, even if the recipients hurt us or push us away.

True love gives, despite hurt. Just look at Jesus on the cross.

Love must become the foundation of everything we do. Love must be the starting point. Love must be the ground beneath our feet. Love must be the compass keeping us going in the right direction. Love must be the fuel that gives us the energy to walk through the world every day.

Love must be our everything.

And as I sit here, I know that I struggle with this. I struggle to give and get nothing back. I cannot give love when someone hurts me. It’s hard for me.

So all I can say now is: Please help me, God!


1 Timothy 4:6-16

Think about this

Where do you struggle with love?
Where do you have to live love?
How must you go and do it?


Father, You are such a good example to us of how to love unconditionally. And I suspect we are sometimes an example of the opposite. But I know that with your help we can move closer to your example. I want to love all those around me more and more unconditionally.  Amen.

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