God's word in today's world

All glory to our Father

Philippians 4:10-20

I’m totally strung out. It’s Sunday evening and I’m tossing and turning, thinking about the week ahead. I wonder why it’s so easy to end up worrying on a Sunday evening? One of my friends found a way to counteract this: He braais on Sunday evenings.

But I suspect a braai is far too insignificant to really take away the stress.

I found a scripture to help me with this: 20Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever (King James Version). The central focus of this verse is to give all glory to God, to worship Him, and to glorify his Name. But I get stuck at Father.

God is our Father. He is there to take us by the hand like a Father and to protect us. In the past people feared God and many saw Him as a Father who wanted to punish those who did wrong. But Jesus came to show us a loving Father. The Father who cares so much for his children on earth that He was prepared to sacrifice his Son.

We have a Father who cares for us until death. He wants to protect us against the hurt and hardship of life. God wants to help you and me. He is with us. He fights the battle with us. You are not alone.

Monday morning my wife and I prayed together for the week’s heavy burden and I became so much calmer knowing that I didn’t have to face the week alone. I have a Father who cares for me, who is wise and who wants to impart that wisdom to me so that I will make the right choices at the crossroads in life…

… and a whole lot of stress drops away. I don’t have to tackle stuff on my own. My Father, my Dad, who has all the power and wisdom in the world, is with me always. I can use his strength to take on all that the week may bring.

As calmness flows over me, I realize that I deserve no honour in this. I realize that I cannot tackle the world on my own. Therefore, the Giver of power and wisdom, the One who cares, the One who gives love, deserves all the glory.

You and I need to realize that all the glory must go to God. In this, we need to be mirrors, so that when people glorify us or say that we’ve done a good job, all glory is reflected to God. In the process the people will see God and not us.

I always say the glory belongs to God, because only God can hit a straight shot with a crooked stick like me.

Thank you for a Father in heaven who cares so much for his children and who will not allow evil to get the better of us. Thank you that we do not have to struggle through the world on our own. All glory belongs to Him for ever and ever, until the very end. Amen


Are you afraid?

Do you believe that God is your Father and that He really cares?

Do you give ALL the glory to God?


Thank you, God, for being my Father! Thank you that I don’t have to take on the world on my own. Thank you for all the help You give me. I am nothing without You. Therefore, all the glory to You. For now and all eternity! Amen

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