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After sadness comes joy

It’s not easy being admonished for doing wrong. When someone confronts me, everything in me kicks into defence mode and I defend myself to the utmost. You too? I wonder why we behave like this. Maybe the fear that others will see that we’re not as perfect as we pretend to be, or maybe we just don’t want to change the way we do things. Or maybe we just feel like curling up in a corner somewhere feeling bad about what we’ve done.

However, it is essential that we sometimes put our life under a microscope. Sometimes people close to us have the microscope and tell us what they see. The picture they paint is not always so beautiful and makes us feel bad. Yes, it makes us feel sad.

When we have sufficient wisdom, we’ll realise that we need sincere sadness in order to grow. We must be truly sorry. We must truly repent for the things that we did wrong before our behaviour can change.

One day, somewhere the train must come to a halt so that we can look back at the wrong things along the way. Allow the sadness for everything that you did wrong to flow over you, because this is when you call out to God. 10Distress that drives us to God does that. It turns us around. It gets us back in the way of salvation. We never regret that kind of pain.

When you reach the real heart of sadness and turn to God, everything changes. Look at the consequences for the people of Corinth: 11And now, isn’t it wonderful all the ways in which this distress has goaded you closer to God? You’re more alive, more concerned, more sensitive, more reverent, more human, more passionate, more responsible. Looked at from any angle, you’ve come out of this with purity of heart.

Where previously the Corinthians wanted to defend themselves, they now succeeded in taking out the microscope. The picture really upset them and tears flowed from hearts that were hurting. But, in their sadness God came and repaired everything and now they’re in an even better position than before. Suddenly, they are wise enough so see the bigger picture.

Maybe you have recently been confronted by behaviour that does not fit God’s picture. Maybe you know that you have to confront someone else about his or her conduct, but you’re too afraid of the storm that will be unleashed. Maybe this piece will motivate you to do the right thing. Truth will out, always. In the beginning it’s not easy. It seems as if everything will fall apart. But you can know: Sunshine comes after rain. It will be so much better than before and it will honour God’s name.

Click here to go to the Scripture: 2 Corinthians 7:8-16


What truth must out?

What behaviour must change?

Do you believe in a positive outcome?



Our Father, thank you for giving me peace of mind. Thank you for the promise that in the struggle to get rid of what is wrong we’ll move closer to You. Thank you that we can know that we need never struggle alone through any crisis in our lives. Thank you that we can believe that relationships can be repaired and grow. Amen

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