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A stupid voice and stupid thoughts

Gretha Wiid once wrote:

A daughter wanted to do something her mom really did not approve of – not so much because it was a sin, but rather because it wasn’t right according to her norms and values. Stubbornly the daughter continued arguing about her intentions and her mother’s opposition. One evening they were sitting in front of the fireplace where most of the coals had burnt out already.

“Please hand me one of those coals. The fire has died down and you won’t burn,” the mom said.

The daughter responded indignantly: “It may not burn me, but the soot will dirty my hands!”

“Exactly,” the mom said, “what you want to do will probably not burn you but your being and character will get filthy.”

This is a direct warning to all of us: 19There are some, you know, who by relaxing their grip and thinking anything goes have made a thorough mess of their faith.

According to Eddie, it’s very simple, even a child can understand it:

Radio and TV stations use sound and video waves to convey the message.

An angel works with your brain waves. The devil is an angel too, and can do that too. But he is a station that feeds you stupid thoughts.

Paul tells us about people who are slowly but surely tempted away from the right road. They did things that weren’t right and felt a bit bad about it. They heard that little voice warning them not to do it, but they didn’t listen.

You see, the more you do those things, the less you hear that little voice and later on you stop noticing it. And the result? Eventually it leaves no space for Jesus in your life.

Listen, when you sit quietly and look back on your life, you will see those moments where you maybe did some small thing wrong. Yes, the voice worried you, but you continued. Later it wasn’t that conspicuous and without thinking you chose the wrong direction. As a result you become God-les, which is a really bad place to be.

Let’s make a point of listening carefully to the little voice inside. Let’s put guards up so as not to listen to the devil’s stupid voice putting stupid thoughts in our heads. Let’s choose Jesus’ truth in everything.


1 Timothy 1:18-20


What sin has settled inside you?
Against what are you being warned?
Where do you have to start?


Lord, please help me not to ignore your voice inside me. Your Holy Spirit talks to me and I want to listen, because You alone keep me on the right road. I confess every time I closed my ears to your voice. Thank you for giving me another chance. Amen.

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