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A Spotless Life

Why is it that when we get something for free, we often do not appreciate it and then waste it. Almost like we do with God’s grace. People will easily say: Oh, I’ll just confess my sin and say I’m sorry and my sin will be forgiven.

That’s not right. That’s wasting it and God does not allow his grace to be wasted. The forgiveness of sin has been bought with very expensive blood and God will not allow anybody to waste it.

We cannot simply live a life doing what we want. We must try our best to live within God’s will for our lives. We know what is right and wrong. That little voice inside says it loud and clear. Yes, all of us who believe have the Holy Spirit here inside us. He speaks, maybe not always so loudly, but He speaks. And we often pretend we cannot hear Him speaking his guidance.

We’ve all received the same command: 14Keep this command to the letter, and don’t slack off. Our Master, Jesus Christ, is on his way. “This command” refers to the previous verse which said we must run hard and fast in the faith. We must make sure that we do good and eliminate evil.

We must consciously plan to live a better life. When a car’s wheel alignment is out, you can keep it going straight by steering to the other side, but as soon as you let go of the steering wheel, the car pulls in the opposite direction. The only way to keep it going straight is to take it to an alignment centre so that they can pull it across the pit and correct the alignment with those big machines.

We’re always pulling in the wrong direction too. We pull towards the things God doesn’t want us to do. And it doesn’t help us trying to overcome the problem by now and then making an adjustment in the direction. As soon as we let go, when we’re tired, when things don’t work out like we want them to, when we let go of the steering wheel, woops, we hit the kerb.

When there is a problem in my life, it won’t come right by itself. Usually, I have to take a stand and say this is it, no further. Then I have to make plans to change my behaviour and I have to put those plans into operation. Mostly, these plans do not come together just like that. I have to try and try again before things start shaping up.

We shouldn’t waste God’s free grace. We can’t just go on as we are. We must put plans in place to straighten out the contortions in our lives. We must ensure that our lives stay spotless. May God give us strength. May He renew our minds and help us make plans to stand up against the wrong things and do the right things.

May we use the experience we gain here to help others who cannot do it on their own. May we help them not to waste God’s grace so that they can also start trying hard to live a spotless life.

1 Timothy 6:13-16

Do you sometimes waste God’s grace?
Are there a few spots?
What now?

Lord, in all our lives there are places that are not completely within your Will. We know we have to do something about it. Holy Spirit, please help us to be obedient to your Voice that wants to guide us so that we will be spotless the day when You come again. Amen.

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