God's word in today's world

A ring and an old man with a metal detector

For some reason a woman convinces a man that a wedding ring is an investment. I don’t agree, but won’t say it out loud, so I can keep out of trouble.

When Renata and I wanted to get married, we also had to find a good diamond somewhere. With a contact’s contact and very little money we also got hold of a small stone and had it set by a guy here in town. I must say that Renata looks after the ring very well. She always knows where it is and never leaves it anywhere.

That must be why she was so angry the day I went swimming and lost my second wedding ring in the first wave. But that’s a story for another day.

The same had happened to her. The children were small and she was playing with them in the waves. As she threw one of them into the air, the ring went into the air as well and then fell into the water. She looked for it for hours. Until it was dark.

The next morning at low tide she was ready with a rake and raked hundreds of square meters of sand. She wanted to find that ring. Even if looking for it made her look like a fool as one person after another watched her with big questions marks on their faces.

Eventually an old man passed by and asked what was going on. He offered to help, because he had one of those devices that picked up metal. You don’t say! Two days and bags full of bottle caps and stuff later, the man arrived at the farm with Renata’s ring! A miracle!

The same way Renata cares about her ring, we have to care about the wonderful Gospel of God. We must look after it with all we have. We must protect it and carry it in our hearts. We must make it part of our everyday life. 14Guard this precious thing placed in your custody by the Holy Spirit who works in us.

With the same passion that Renata guards her ring, we must guard the Gospel of God, the wonderful message of salvation for us sinners. And if we lose it somewhere along the way or have taken a wrong turn in the road, we must look for it with everything possible, not leaving even one stone unturned.

Yes, life out there is not easy. And to try and take it on without God and his message of salvation is a stupid choice. Life will destroy you.

Fortunately, God knows that we’ll struggle and that’s why He gave us an aid. Sort of like the man with the metal detector. The Holy Spirit will also create a miracle to help us if we lose God’s Message along the way. The Holy Spirit will do anything to get us back on track and to make God’s Message the centre of our lives again.

Let’s go to some trouble with God’s Word. Let’s go look for it if we stray from the road. Let’s take the Holy Spirit by the hand and make plans to get God and his Message of salvation back to the centre of our lives.

Let’s tell the world around us, because we may be someone else’s only chance to find God.

2 Tim 1:13-14

Is God at the centre of your life?
Where is the Holy Spirit?
What do you have to do differently?

Lord, thank you for Your Holy Spirit who continuously reminds me of the most precious truths in Your Word. I would like to share them with others, because this valuable treasure can add value to every person’s life. Amen.

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