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A plan to share love

Boats (not his real name) from the Boland told me this story:

My daughter fell ill with a really bad virus and struggled to get well again.

It was really exhausting and financially I struggled too, because the car broke down more than once and so it went on. It was a really bad time and my trust in humans was at an all-time low and my faith probably too.

One Saturday a young guy, who lived a street or so from us, phoned me and when I didn’t answer, he phoned again, wanting to know if he could come around urgently …

He pitched up with a bag full of money, money that he had collected from a few people that afternoon. We couldn’t believe it. Now we could have a scan done to see what was really wrong with our child.

We walked out of there crying like babies. I thanked him for that day – not for the money, but for restoring my faith in people. Now I can believe again that there are still good people out there and that not everything and everybody is bad …

That money was exactly the right amount to get all the tests done and to pay the doctors. Now you tell me that God doesn’t exist!

One young man who cares. One young man whose love became actions. One young man who took off one afternoon and made a lifelong difference in other people’s lives.

Somewhere in his life this young man had learned what it means to do love. This young man knew that real love does not remain in your head, but flows out through your hands and feet.

I think this is what Jesus would have done if he was walking around in the Boland today. On the contrary, this is exactly what he would have done, anywhere on earth. Yes, Jesus would’ve made plan after plan to help people.

9Regarding life together and getting along with each other, you don’t need me to tell you what to do. You’re God-taught in these matters. Just love one another!

What a major lesson in love we get from Jesus! He who was prepared to give his life for crooks like us. That is love. That is real love and that is the driving force for this young man’s life and actions.

What plan can you make? Where can you, as you go through life and come into contact with people going through hard times, use your hands and feet to live Jesus’ love?


1 Thessalonians 4:9-12


Do you live Jesus’ love?

How can you do it more often?

Where can you live Jesus’ love?


Father, thank you for people who are obedient to Your command to care for other people. You say in Your word that everyone who loves is Your child and knows You. May this be true of all Your children, for me as well. Amen.

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